These imposing planks truly accentuate a big space, but they are equally as well suited to a small one since fewer joins mean a cleaner visual. Compare; Find My Store. Item #1209521. Live sawn planks also offer a number of other advantages and this method is gaining many fans amongst designers and high-end clients. The founder of Michigan Plank Flooring, Edmond J Malaski, started the company in 2017 after working in the wide plank wood flooring industry for over 24 years! Display: Sort By: 24 x 8 Grain Field Oak Ceramic. white oak plank flooring nature character option, About Wood Flooring. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. If you are looking for planks narrower than 200mm on this website, search 'wood planks' using the relevant filter for your preferred width. With the wood planks, you can transform your walls into the unique and decorative style you have been looking for. Edmond has since been able to use all of his experience, knowledge and craftsmanship to fulfill and live his lifelong dream of delivering the best product possible. 66. The best of modern, priced for real life. for pricing and availability. This is because there is a much higher proportion of wood to join so the floor appears less busy which opens up a smaller room. Wooden flooring is among the most popular floor coverings today. Sku:10043962 $3.89/SFT. With a huge stock of luxury vinyl planks in wood effect designs, browse through our selection of styles and find the right LVT Plank that suits your interior. Indeed, we only describe one-strip planks greater than 200mm (just under 8") as being wide, whilst the widest planks in our random width Hand Grade Collection can be as great as 480mm (19"). Manufacturer of Wood Plank - Grey Oiled Wooden Planks Flooring, White Oiled Oak Planks Flooring, Black Oak Wooden Planks offered by HKS Flooring LLP, Mumbai, Maharashtra. And the more stable the wood, the safer it is to use it for a wider plank. Live sawn boards are simply cut straight across the log, meaning that full width planks are available. One of the great differences with our wood floor is, we can custom make your flooring to your exact specifications. ON SALE! Since wood is an excellent conductor of heat, radiant heat is an ideal heat source to use with wide plank flooring, the even distribution of heat is far more beneficial to the wood than a comparable forced air system. We are very excited to help you find that beautiful wide plank wood flooring you’ve been on the quest for to blend right into your space. Be sure to tell the company installing your heating system that you plan to use wood as your flooring material so they can adapt the system accordingly if necessary. Every piece of Michigan Plank Floor you purchase helps to secure jobs and strengthen the quality of American manufacturing. Always remember, whatever the grade of wood wide planks allow its natural beauty to really shine. American mills usually use the plain sawn method, where a board is cut then the log turned 90 degrees before being cut again. A wood floor can be synthetic, such as laminate, or a real wood such as solid wood or engineered. Edmond’s simple motto: “People work hard for their money and should get what they pay for.” Pretty simple, right? At Michigan Plank Flooring, we make sure to have a huge selection of engineered hardwood plank flooring for you to choose from so that you find the right one for your space. Both consumers and installers appreciate our high quality products that are engineered to be easily installed while looking great. American heritage Florian Oak 8.03-in W x 47.63-in L Embossed Wood Plank Laminate Flooring. We want you to feel appreciated, heard, and more than satisfied with your Michigan wood plank flooring. Upload a photo of the flooring you want or a picture of what you want it to look like. We use all of our industry contacts as well as other resources to find very unique products like Windblown Maple, Reclaimed Oak, and Thermo Ash. Michigan Plank Flooring has one mission: to make the best wood floors available. 40. Finally, we support American manufacturing and lumber workers. Wide Plank Flooring. Without our customers we wouldn’t be here and that’s why everything we do is for you. Welcome to Michigan Plank Wood Flooring! Go ahead browse our premium wide plank wood flooring selection by clicking the button below and order exactly what you need right from the site or if you have any questions just contact us and we’ll get back to you right away. All rights reserved. You are sure to wow your guests when they step into your space. At Michigan Plank Flooring we make it our mission to put our customers first. The molds used to make planks and tiles are formed from real wood and stone, so the flooring takes on that same. There are absolutely no rules when using a wider plank: they look good anywhere. ON SALE! Sku:10041740 $1.49/SFT. Model #LF000960. This allows planks that qualify as rift or quarter sawn to be sold at a premium price, but it also means even the widest planks are nowhere near the maximum trunk width. Our entire culture at Michigan Plank Flooring is built around commitment to making high-quality products and we aren’t just saying that to say it. Compare; Find My Store. Most wide wood flooring stops at 8", which is pretty much where Havwoods' planks start. Although large, open spaces would appear to be their most natural habitat, planks up to 260mm (10 1/4") wide also work well in small spaces.


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