. Adam LegendFlame caught the Smallest Jellyfish (22.9 fish size) –, Caroline MoonStone caught the smallest Eel (17.9 fish size), Alexandria Wildflower caught the largest Codfather (36.6 fish size), Valdus DarkBreeze caught the largest Toddpole (42.1 fish size) –, Thanks to our community for raising over $14,000 for Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas through…. It’s not a huge amount – 150 gold for most fish from Wizard city – but getting a fish you didn’t want is not a total waste. We certainly hope you had an amazingly fun day of fishing, and we are really impressed with all of our amazing players. I have had no reason to fish because I need my energy for gardening and pet training. Let them have some fun in the Mini-Games. Quest Rewards: Learn the Slow Fish Spell. Actually i wasn’t aware of this contest! fishes and 3 catfish-death. And I had four different wizards going. Any fish you attempt to catch has a chance to be a treasure chest, from what we can tell. I wish I had known I would have loved to be there for it sadly I don’t have a social media account of any kind and refuse to they cause more trouble than there worth . We hope you were paying attention to our Social Media and Message Boards on Friday! Hope you have more tournaments like this, I was not able to attend, but it drew my attention to fishing. Quest Goals: Catch a Bearracuda and a Todd Pole. . In that picture with the bearded cyclops, there seem to be two or three more unidentified pets in the background. Thx whoever read this. It was still fun to see most of my in-game friends fishing, which normally they don’t. Fish have schools and lures have schools. Collect all your pets now, so you can hatch all. An excellwnt post, most worth of your skills! Power up your pets in mini-games. How fun!!! "The Things That Grow" #1 - Creosote Bush. Chris ThunderHeart | Wizard101 UK Support! As you level up in Fishing, you gain access to stronger Fishing Spells. If your Lure goes somewhere you don’t want, click “Cancel Spell” and recast it. I don’t win,but i like play wizard101!!! They only cost energy when you try to catch a fish! That is a great idea about having the elixirs in the Chests! See them grow from Egg to powerful, ancient pets. On Spell Cards and Monsters: A Wizard101 Blog. I hope this tournament was the first of many, but why only announce it on a social media site? They give rewards which seem to be loosely based on the level of the area you’re in. You can click one of those names to see your stats for that specific fish. I also don’t mess around with social media. That is just a brief description of the players' responses to Wizard101's news update today. Get your pets some exercise in the Derby. even though i didnt get on the list, i also didn’t win but i haope who won is very happy. Maybe next time you could post the notice on the main sign-in screen?? I’d like to make a shout out to my best friend Julia RainbowShade for getting second on most epic fish, thanks I didn’t get into the tournament but I caught lots of “chests, I am going to try the next tournament and great job for everyone who is on there!! Vanessa MythDust caught the Largest Fish, (a 55.1 Blackberry Jellyfish). If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Race your pets against other wizards' pets. "Now in Wizard101 you can collect and display hundreds of pets, call them to you, or send them away...even have a dance pet party....your Castle has never been so alive. Travel theme. New to fishing? Nice post. We’ll add more as we find out more about treasure chests. Frode Silverscale is already offering crafting recipes that require certain Fish in them also. Wizard101 is Free to Play Wizard game! The Magic of Wizard101 / Pet System Analysis, Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 5:40:00 AM PDT, Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 5:45:00 AM PDT, Monday, October 11, 2010 at 11:30:00 AM PDT. Create new pets with the magic of Hatching. Register yourself now and be a part of our community! You can play the game for pet experience (as many times as your energy allows) or for prizes in Wizard101. Grow your pet to the ultimate Wizard101 power!...". As is commonplace with fishing, fish weren’t the only things caught as … i thought i caught 21 epic fish…jordan golenfountain…was i supposed to register somewhere first? Or perhaps, it could fill only a certain amount of energy, like, maybe double the current amount, or 30% of max amount, etc. Wizards can complete Wizard City and explore far off worlds. The Spiral would thank you. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. A Fire fish is more likely to bite a Fire lure, etc. It simply displays the total number caught. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Catching one fish of the correct type shouldn’t make leaderboard for most fish caught of that type. He’ll walk you through the basics of fishing and grant your first Fishing Quest! grate work on all of the fishing and awesome job wizard 101 for the fun times you show us all me and my kids love it. When you have been gardening and most of the energy is already dedicated to the plants that we already had purchased, this tournament and it’s implementation seems a little like a way to get people to spend real money to get the extra energy needed to participate. Zeus bless Wednesday, April 28th, 2010. And I went fishing all day, whenever my energy refilled. Congrats! You can buy “Fishing Luck” elixirs in the crowns shop to improve your Luck and make it more likely to catch fish. Different areas have different fish, you’ll have to explore to find out where to catch certain types! You must include a Title and Character Name for Author. I can't really tell what they are, maybe grendels? Twitter, Blogger, Wizard101Central, and surely Facebook (I haven't checked myself, but it follows that pattern) exploded with posts in relation to the released pictures and information regarding the first of this year's greatest changes to the game. Next time how about announcing it ahead of time so we can all be there and share the fun. Our winners were wide and varied as well. Here are your grand prize winners . However, you can see the percentage of luck you gain from each piece of gear! That was a LOT of fun. In total for the day 117,987 fish were caught in Wizard101 from over 12,000 participants! We’ve compiled all our data, and we have our winners along with some pretty amazing statistics! Let us know what you thought of the fishing tournament and please feel free to congratulate the winners in the comments below. 3.The top-right of the picture sometimes shows an Icon of a fish with a crown. ( Log Out /  Whenever you’re near an area with fish, a Fishing Interface Icon will show up. May 31, 2017 Pirate101, Wizard101, Wizard101 UK Estimated Reading Time: Yesterday, I posted the first of a three-part series celebrating six years of blogging discussing the Community. Below the picture are your stats for this fish. Lets go,WIZARDS!!!! Grow your pet skills in the new race course. Here are some of the found badges so far: 1. Combine pets, to mix and match powers...the possibilities are endless! . Wizard101 fishing contest loved it do this again soon! Sophia LifeCaster caught the Most Epic Fish (103 total). Don’t have an account yet? (up to 25 per day.) You should definitely give more warning next time. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Next time i’ll be there! Opening Thoughts of 2010 Pets on Test Realm, Day 2, Debriefing of 2010 Pets on Test Realm, Day 1, Livestream of Initial Step into Pet Test Realm, Double-Edged Sword (Re: Heather Emeraldflame, Part 1), Connecting AutumnalDusk with Celestia (?). The Wizard101 Fan Fiction Archive is where we showcase the wonderful adventure stories of Wizards like you! i didn’t win but i hope the people that win are really happy, I didn’t win anything… but, I have a life wiz level 88 who’s name is Ashley Rainbow Caster. I don’t check Facebook very often and don’t have (or want) a Twitter account. Here are the Fishing Level Badges we’ve found so far: Other fishing badges are given for various milestones. as you may have guessed, is great for catching Ice School fish. If we see Krysalis ever in Pirate101, I think we might find more.im not sure about the rest, but i can answer #3. remember, Yoshihito is under his curse the whole time the pirate is in MS so the pirate leaves MS before the wizard (who heals the emperor) does can you plz add more name choices when you make your wizard. You must wait until the lure goes completely under water and click Space Bar quickly one time to hook the fish. Use pets as allies in magical duels.


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