Support your business with world-leading science and technology. The latest breakthroughs, research and news from the Met Office. Female Sturgeons can live for about 150 years. As per reports, about 8,000 people had to be evacuated. Light travels from the Sun and through the atmosphere in invisible waves. The sun certainly looked red in Wisconsin, where this author lives. Are you wondering, “Why was the moon red on August 2”? Its light has to travel farther and farther through the atmosphere before reaching your eyes, simply because there’s more atmosphere in the direction toward the horizon than overhead. This means that there is relatively more yellow and red light left for us to see. Are you wondering, “Why was the Sun red”? Many ABC15 viewers sent photos and video of the strangely colored sun … The Riverside County fire department shared a Tweet on Sunday which stated that the fire had spread across 1200 acres and was 0% contained. Everything you need to know about the forecast, and making the most of the weather. ALSO READ: Full Moon July 31, 2020: When To Watch Shiny Waxing Gibbous Moon; Read To Know More. If you glanced up Monday or Tuesday, you may have noticed the sun was a glowing red orb in the sky, far ruddier than its usual beams. Reportedly the fire spread across 700 acres on July 31 whereas it covered 4,125 acres on August 2. The fire first started in Cherry Valley which is approximately 75 miles east of Los Angeles. On August 2, there was a wildfire in Riverside County, Southern California. Verification, impacts and post-processing, Climate information for international development, Science for Impacts, Resilience and Adaptation (SIRA), Atmospheric processes and parametrizations, Regional model evaluation and development, Environmental Hazard and Resilience Services, National Meteorological Library & Archive. Blue is scattered more than other colours because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. Why is the sunset red or orange? Phoenix, Payson, and Kingman witnessed a red Sun on August 2. Locals referred to this fire as the Apple Fire. Because blue light is scattered more strongly by the atmosphere, it tends to be scattered several times and deflected away in other directions before it gets to us. For example, blue has a short wavelength, while red is created by longer wavelengths. Because blue light is scattered more strongly by the atmosphere, it tends to be scattered several times and deflected away in other directions before it gets to us. Light that looks white to us, is actually made up of many different colours of differing wavelengths. ALSO READ: Apollo 15 Astronauts Drove First Man-made Car On Moon On This Day In 1971, Details Inside. ALSO READ: When Is The Next Full Moon And What Is The Name Of August's Full Moon? What time will the Lunar Eclipse or Strawberry Moon be visible in California? While the red Sun may have occurred due to the Sturgeon Moon phenomenon, some believe that this may be due to the Apple fire in California. The shorter wavelength blue light is scattered further, as the sunlight passes over a greater distance, and we see the longer wavelength yellow and red light. You can check out the Fire Department’s Tweet here: #AppleFIRE [UPDATE] 8:00 p.m. 08/01/2020 - The Apple Fire is now 12,000 acres and remains 0% contained. These fishes were also referred to as ‘living fossils’. Reaching Earth's atmosphere, it is scattered in all directions, therefore we see blue sunlight.


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