Still the preferred bottom contour in many medium to large wave designs. Polyurethane B) When a swell is at its maximum size. Diffracted waves are smaller than the original waves. In shaping, a highly crafted shaped blank produced by a top designer as a template for a computer shaping machine. The dimples are intended to create air pockets underneath the board, which would lessen water drag to make the surfboard faster. G Lip Coarse paper mounted with a variety of grit types, used in most stages of surfboard making. Groundswell Also called forehand. * see illustration Impact Zone * see illustration Offshore winds blowing into the faces of the waves can create clean, groomed conditions. Atmospheric pressure T Side onshore is when the waves approach from the side and slightly from the ocean, which create bumpier, sloppy conditions. These currents may also dig a channel between sandbars, which actually improve the shape of the surf and provide an easy access back out to the lineup. For a given wave height, steep waves represent a more serious threat to capsizing vessels or damaging marine structures than broad swell. This can also be accompanied with parabolic rails made of balsa or other buoyant woods, carbon, or other high-density materials. The waves actually interact with the bottom contours just offshore of the point to refract and wrap around the point. Wind velocity Image Source: Usually the Skil 100 brand. As a rule, the harder the wind blows, and the longer it blows over a longer distance of ocean, the bigger the swell will be and the longer the swell period will be between successive waves. When all parts of the wave-down the line or crest of the wave-break at the same time. When you get tubed on a hollow wave, you ride in the barrel. A typical gun ranges in length from 6 ft 6 inches to 10 foot. Peeling A surfboard design invented by Steve Lis of San Diego, California, which features a wide nose and broad swallow-type tail design, with a twin-fin setup; in recent years, refers to almost any short, stubby, wide surfboard. Shortboard Also called natural foot in Australia. In deep water, it is equal to 1.5 times the swell period between successive waves in the wave group. Longitude Pay attention and you’ll see that rails can vary over the length of the board. Chemical used to color the resin used to seal fiberglass onto a conventional surfboard; largely replaced by airbrush paints through the 1980s, but still used in some quarters for its unique retro look. The associated maximum sustained surface wind speed will range from 34 knots to 63 knots (39 to 73 mph). Ocean water temperatures need to be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain the development of the cyclone, which is the extraction of heat energy from the ocean and heat export at the low temperatures of the upper troposphere. Locked in Smaller, shorter period waves generally limited to the ocean surface will tend to decay more rapidly after leaving the wave generating area. A type of chart that shows a flat surface to the Earth, which is actually a curved surface. The deck is the top surface of the surfboard. The middle fin is not the same size, as the twin pair of outer fins. * see illustration The curve of the surfboard bottom from nose to tail viewed from the side. While this can happen anywhere in the world it is usually Over the falls When water settles within the cavity below nostril level during a session, it puddles so long as we're sitting upright. Side offshore is when the winds approach from the side and slightly from the land blowing into the wave faces, which create cleaner conditions.


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