Filter by: Filter by New (5) Filter by Special Offers (4) 12 Categories. These two brands are both readily available in supermarkets and health food stores and seem to be very well known in the UK. Their high quality nut butters are perfect as a healthy, pure and delicious staple for all my food and cooking. Have you looked into the other varieties specifically the high oleic peanut butters which are predominantly made up of monounsaturated fat similar to olive oil. Calories per 100 g: 612 kcal. The nut butter market has exploded, with everything from cashew butter with cacao nibs to crunchy almond butter with hemp seeds gracing our shelves (and our Instagram feeds). The simplest peanut butter recipe involves food processing roasted peanuts (which you can do yourself to ensure no extra salt is added) until they form a smooth spread. This PB gets some really good customer reviews and is one of the most popular on this list. It is sold in a glass container of around 340g. There are several types of peanut butters, some unique low-calorie powders and others with fun favours. The roasted peanuts add a real depth of flavour, it’s silky smooth and super addictive. This article discusses whether peanut butter is vegan. The only ingredients in Biona Organic Peanut Butter are organic peanuts and sea salt, so it has a very simple recipe. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. started as a hobby then became a full time business. High oleic peanut butter is widely available in most major supermarkets. Dairy-free, vegan and palm oil-free, the new bites are encased in a completely plastic-free and compostable pouch. High-oleic peanuts are peanuts with a higher healthy fat content, compared to non high-oleic peanuts. What we love is the array of ingredients in each jar. Superjam –, Your email address will not be published. Piece of Cake/shutterstock. It compares well against more expensive brands and also comes in a recyclable glass jar, so you can do your bit for reducing plastic waste. The colour is darker than most and it has a strong roasted flavour. We looked for brands that met our criteria of having high peanut content, no added sugar or vegetable oil, and being low in salt. As with lots of foods, everyone seems to have a different opinion about whether or not peanut butter is healthy and why. Even though Pip and Nut is higher in calories, it is due to a higher content of good fats, which have minimal effect upon weight. In fact, a study found 60g of high-oleic peanut butter per day to increase weight only minimally, despite the high increase in calories. They are incredible natural energy boosters, but with that indulgent nut buttery taste. Tesco: Pic’s peanut butter, Meridian rich roast. Bulk Powders peanut butter is not made of high-oleic peanuts. With just peanuts making up 100% of its recipe, it does leave you wondering how they can charge more for the same ingredients as the other products on the market. Unlike the two brands discussed above, PBfitis sold in powder form in a package of two cans that weigh a total of 225 g. It is packaged in glass jars with a convenient lip for ease of opening. It has a sugar content of about 10.9 g and 51.6g calories per 100g serving. A few years ago, you'd have been hard pressed to find more than two jars of peanut butter on your supermarket shelf – one crunchy and one smooth. Ingredients: Roasted peanuts – whole skin on. Other flavours feature Maca and Berries. Therefore, it might not be the healthiest option in the market. However, some people prefer the taste and consistency of Whole Earth. Buttermilk has launched a new deliciously-indulgent peanut butter treat just for you. We've rounded up the best vegan butter brands, picking them based on texture, flavor, and primary ingredients. The smoothness of the Cashew Nut and Baobab is so moreish, and Brazil Nut with cacao nibs and lucuma satisfies that chocolate craving (which is a regular thing for me!). The amount of salt is minimal at just 0.6g per 100g of peanut butter, so this is pretty good and will not pose a problem when consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet.


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