Passes with 2/3 vote. Measure DD: A 20-year countywide quarter-cent sales tax extension for roads, transit and bikeways. Sonoma County’ electorate is dominated by Democrats, and turnout in their ranks for this election, and among voters at large, is set to match or eclipse records. Sales tax. The tax would continue to be collected for 20 years after the current tax rate’s scheduled 2023 expiration. Sherriff oversight. Election results poured in Nov. 3 after 8p.m., but will continue to be tabulated as late as Dec 1. A powerful coalition of Sonoma County business groups that spent tens of thousands of dollars to fight local tax measures up and down the ballot appears to have lost every race, the group conceded Wednesday, a stinging blow for industry leaders who were piecing together what went wrong. In a November 15, 2011 letter, the California Secretary of State decreed that it is the established election officials of Marin County and Sonoma County who will administer the election. Sales tax. Measure V is estimated to raise $27 million annually for purposes that include street and pothole repair. Rohnert Park also began the first voting cycle of its district-specific city council elections. Passes with a majority vote. Measure P. Sonoma County. Passes with 2/3 vote. Opponents therefore have said that the voters are not getting what they voted for in 2008, and should have the opportunity to vote on the sales tax again, with the facts in front of them about the smaller rail line that SMART now plans to build. 54,335. The remaining six city-level, general sales tax increases require a simple majority, and all were well above that threshold Wednesday. In fact, only two of the measures would add new taxes, as six seek to extend existing levies to bolster government services ranging from road repair to public safety. ". This Voter Guide contains the ballot listings for the municipal and county elections in Sonoma County along with state and federal elections and state propositions. They are going to have to make a choice and tell people what segment they are going to build. The Sonoma County Alliance opted to largely sit out this election in the wake of its own public reckoning earlier this year, when its then-president created an uproar over his remarks about Black Lives Matter protests. Sonoma-Marin Rail Sales Tax Increase, Measure Q (November 2008),,_Measure_Q_(November_2008)&oldid=5839499, Tracking election disputes, lawsuits, and recounts, Ballotpedia's Daily Presidential News Briefing, Submit a photo, survey, video, conversation, or bio, "Relieve traffic, fight global warming and increase transportation options.". Passage required a 2/3rds vote. Press Democrat Staff Writer Kevin Fixler contributed to this report. Sales tax. “While many of our members thought it was a bad time to ask people under so much economic duress to vote for more taxes, and that the cost of living was already too high, the voters were able to support more taxes,” the coalition’s statement read, in part. If you're a registered Disqus user, your account will work on the Gazette as well. However, political analysts and elected officials suggested the loss might resonate more deeply for the business community, perhaps serving notice of the limits of their political power in a new era. Measure P-County of Sonoma Evelyn Cheatham Effective IOLERO (72.9% Precincts Reporting) Yes 126,789. Passes with a majority vote. Some local officials who split sharply with the anti-tax group said the voting results represented the fall of an inflexible coalition that had lost touch with the electorate. This newly created division will be appropriated 1% of the total budget for the sheriff-coroner. Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. In a county with over 2,500 documented homeless individuals, this tax increase could be vital in securing funding to fight the problem. The Office of the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters is responsible for the conduct of elections in the county, including elections on local ballot measures for all municipalities, school districts and special districts in the county. Ballots can be delivered to the county Registrar of Voters as late as Nov. 20; as long as they are postmarked by election day. Santa Clara County Measure Q: PASS. Kenwood Fire Protection District. Passes with 2/3 vote. Measure Q would apply new revenue for work that includes repairing streets and potholes. It was leading 72% to 28%, according to the latest results available Wednesday, a strong margin above the two-thirds supermajority it needs to pass. Tesconi said she expects that advocacy to continue despite the lopsided result in 2020. This measure will provide $25 million annually to homelessness and mental health services through a quarter cent tax increase. Thanks for signing up for our newsletter. Results are preliminary and may be partial. *Measure DD and Measure O require a two-thirds supermajority to pass. Neither Murray, nor Santa Rosa Metro Chamber CEO Peter Rumble returned messages left Tuesday or Wednesday seeking comment. First approved by voters in 2004, the sales tax is credited with funding work that includes widening Highway 101 from Petaluma to Windsor. Sonoma County. Leading candidate wins. If the question fails, the collection of the current tax is set to end in Sept. 2022. But coalition may also see reason to reassess the role it plays going forward, he said. Marijuana cultivation. Santa Rosa. A countywide question on Sonoma County’s fall ballot will ask voters whether to extend a one-quarter-cent sales tax to fund road and infrastructure projects. Sonoma County is north of San Francisco. Election results poured in Nov. 3 after 8p.m., but will continue to be tabulated as late as Dec 1. Measure Q-City of Santa Rosa Transactions & Use Tax (85.99% Precincts Reporting) Yes 45,713. Results are preliminary and may be partial. Results are preliminary and may be partial. Results are preliminary and may be partial. The collection of the tax would end in 2045, unless voters approve another extension. The funds raised from the tax are supposed to support the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District to: Two years before the vote on Measure Q, on the November 7, 2006 ballot, voters rejected Measure R, which was similar to Measure Q. Remaining city issues require simple majorities. These are called ‘best practices’...that’s what IOLERO is--fresh eyes.”, The call for civilian oversight largely began after the murder of George Floyd in June of 2020. Check here for the latest election results for races in Sonoma County. Failure to approve the ballot question would result in the current sales tax ending in March 2025. Eddie Alvarez is poised to become Roseland’s first representative on the Santa Rosa City Council. Shoreline Unified School District. No 34.4 % 73824. A trucker discusses how he helped bring an Amber Alert to a peaceful end, while another is hit by a truck and lives to tell the tale. That’s a big statement about how much these groups have to do,” McCuan said. Sale agreement. Passes with a majority vote. Measure Q imposes a 1/4-cent sales tax for 20 years. © Copyright 2020 Land Line Magazine & Land Line Now. Measure Q imposes a 1/4-cent sales tax for 20 years. Opponents say the San Francisco cannot afford to take on extra debt that would result from borrowing. Across the nation, there were similar measures proposed to vote on. “I was dumbfounded when they took this position,” Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chair Susan Gorin said Tuesday night. Locales are able to get around the supermajority threshold by applying a sales tax increase for general purposes that include public safety, street maintenance, transportation services, and affordable housing. Local Ballot Measure: Q Sonoma County 49-528 9562 City Attorney’s Impartial Analysis of Measure Q If approved by the voters, this measure will consolidate and extend two existing ¼ cent local sales taxes, as follows: The City of Santa Rosa currently has two voter-approved general sales … North Sonoma County Healthcare District. Sonoma. They say the total cost in interest and principal for borrowing $487 million would be $960 million.


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