Stillwell describes the iconography around the Blessed Sacrament Chapel but makes no mention of it per se. In reality, Ralph Adams Cram (supervising architect of Princeton University from 1907 to 1929) designed the Princeton University Chapel after a fire destroyed the original Marquand Chapel in … Built when students were still required to attend Sunday services, today the chapel is the center of spiritual life on campus for many denominations, fulfilling its public mission in an increasingly multicultural society. However, by the end of the Civil War a new chapel was needed because the number of undergraduates had doubled. [35], The exterior iconography includes two notable whimsical elements. [23] The south aisle features five window bays, while the north has four;[42] where the easternmost bay would be is the entrance to a side chapel called the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. The word 'chapel' conjures up the image of a small space for quiet reflection and prayer. [26] The garden of evergreens was designed by H. Russell Butler, Jr.[27] On the chapel's south side are an additional door at ground level to the east and an exterior pulpit, designed after one at Magdalen College, Oxford,[6] and named Bright Pulpit, in honor of John Bright. A statue of a pelican, a religious symbol associated with Corpus Christi, sits atop the sundial, which was presented to Princeton in 1907 by William Mather, then the governor of Victoria University of Manchester. [6] Albert M. Friend, a faculty member in Princeton's Department of Art and Archaeology, played a central role in planning the iconography. (2007). Thomas Trotter gave the re-opening recital on the restored organ in 1992. [41] It is divided into three vertical levels: an arcade at ground level, a triforium beneath the roofs of the aisles, and a clerestory. * African Americans and Princeton University: A Brief History, 1/7/2019, Princeton University Library ... University Chapel (right) was opened in 1928 and seats nearly 2,000, making it the third largest university chapel in world. [80] In keeping with this tradition, the chapel hosts ecumenical Christian services each Sunday. When the chapel was built, the rest of the structure above the grade level was masonry, and the only metal reinforcement was some structural steel in the framing of the roof. [2] Other windows show Baruch Spinoza[69] and Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi;[29] both images were planned before the chapel was built.[2]. Our Chapels. The chapel is beautiful and very large. Other powerful Gothic buildings include their Cadet Chapel, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York (1910), and James Gamble Rogers’s Memorial Quadrangle and Harkness Tower, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (1916–33). Four large stained glass windows are found in the main sanctuary. "[33] Ardolino is credited as executing all of the building's stone carving. This is true at Opening Exercises, Baccalaureate, and annual memorial services for alumni and staff of the University. [6] The construction received considerable media attention,[11] as it promised to be the largest university chapel in the United States and the second largest in the world after King's College Chapel, Cambridge. When the College moved to Princeton in 1756, the chapel was located in what eventually became the Faculty Room in Nassau Hall. The iconography was planned by Albert M. Friend, a faculty member in Princeton's Department of Art and Archaeology, with the goal of portraying, in one scholar's words, a "synthesis between Christian faith and modern thought."[2]. Extraordinarily beautiful is the Princeton Museum of Art. [29] Cram resigned as Princeton's supervising architect over the inclusion of the arch, which he disliked;[30] nonetheless, he participated in the chapel's 1928 dedication ceremony. [38], Inscribed on the narthex wall facing the nave is "A Prayer for Princeton",[39] which as of 2008 was still used in services at the chapel. It also hosts several annual special events, such as baccalaureate services and commencements. [46] The southern transept is named for Chester Alwyn Braman, the first donor to the University Chapel Fund. In addition to the various denominational services held throughout the week, an ecumenical service is offered by the Dean and the Associate Dean of Religious Life each Sunday at 11:00 am (10:00 am during summer). Henry Gurdon Marquand, a founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was the principal donor for the Marquand Chapel, which was built in 1881. The only university chapel of its size at the time it was built was King's College Chapel at the University of Cambridge. Read more . Now with new color photos throughout from photographer Noel Valero, "The Chapel of Princeton University" traces the history of the chapel and describes its architecture, sculpture, woodwork, and furnishings. This chapel was destroyed by fire during house party weekend in 1920, and, for several years, worship services were held in Alexander Hall, the place where Professor Woodrow Wilson had delivered his address “Princeton in the Nation’s Service.”. However, by the end of the Civil War a new chapel was needed because the number of undergraduates had doubled. 5-6. [77] It is overseen by the Dean of the Chapel. [6] Hibben called replacing the Marquand Chapel "an immediate necessity";[10] nonetheless, the project encountered financial problems early on. A staircase leads from the Braman Transept to the Bright Pulpit. [42] The other door leaving the Blessed Sacrament Chapel is topped by carvings of shields representing three medieval universities, Oxford, Paris, and Salamanca, and flanked by carvings representing the seven liberal arts (the Trivium and the Quadrivium) and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. While it is quiet, as it should be, it is anything but small. Designed in 1921 by Ralph Adams Cram in his signature Collegiate Gothic style, it was built by the university between 1924 and 1928 at a cost of $2.3 million. (Cram was not a Yale alumnus and in fact did not attend college, so it is unclear what interest he might have had promoting Yale. Goodhue’s most arresting building is his… Princeton University built the chapel to replace the Marquand Chapel, which stood between where the present chapel and McCosh Hall stand until it burned to the ground in 1920. Designed in 1921 by Ralph Adams Cram in his signature Collegiate Gothic style, it was built by the university between 1924 and 1928 at a cost of $2.3 million. The Princeton University Archives consists of over 15,000 linear feet of records including administration records (presidents, provosts, deans, and department records, faculty files, undergraduate and graduate alumni files); photographs and other audiovisual materials; and publications that document the history of Princeton University. [15] Despite the complexity of the work, the chapel remained open throughout the restoration. On March 13, 1960, less than six weeks after the first of the Greensboro sit-ins, Martin Luther King Jr., delivered a sermon at the chapel. Today, enhanced by its elegant beauty and charm, the Chapel has been an attractive site for frequent weddings and memorial services for alumni, faculty, and many other friends of the University. [7] It resembles the tympanum of the Royal Portal of Chartres Cathedral. The University has been led by 20 presidents, spanning colonial times to the 21st century. Martin Luther King Jr., delivered a sermon there in 1960. It replaces an older chapel that burned down in 1920. [18] At the time, two experts working on the stained glass restoration called it the largest such project that had ever been undertaken in the United States; too large for a single studio, it was divided among studios in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York. Ground was ultimately broken during Princeton's commencement ceremonies in June 1924, and in the following year Cram and Hibben laid the cornerstone. Milliner ("The Princeton University Chapel", p. 5) writes that the space was once a broom closet. The Princeton University Chapel is located on that university's main campus in Princeton, New Jersey, United States.It replaces an older chapel that burned down in 1920. [40] Another inscription, from Psalm 100, refers to Westminster Choir College, which holds its commencement ceremonies in the chapel. Skinner invented the contra fagotto stop for the Princeton chapel organ in response to a request by Princeton's director of music. [53][54] It was designed by Ernest M. Skinner and installed in 1928. [7] The latter was sculpted by Robert Baker. Built around 1920 I believe and in the The Chapel is the religious and ceremonial center of Princeton University The soaring arches of the Princeton University Chapel have summoned countless people to come inside to find faith, peace, inspiration, challenge, and courage. [34], The tympanum above the west entrance depicts Jesus as described in the Book of Revelation, together with the four beasts and other relevant iconography. [29], Measured in the interior, the chapel is 249 feet (76 m) long, 93.5 feet (28 m) wide at its transepts, and 78.5 feet (24 m) high at the crossing. [81] Catholic Mass is celebrated daily, Reconciliation is offered several days a week, and there is Eucharistic Adoration twice weekly.[82]. In 2011, the main campus was named by Travel+Leisure as one of the most beautiful in the United States. Harvey S. Firestone Library (background) Image: . [12] The construction cost about $2.3 million and was completed in 1928. [7] The exterior is constructed largely from Pennsylvania sandstone, with Indiana limestone used for the trim. Princeton University Chapel Organ Specifications The Ernest M. Skinner Company, 1928; Æolian-Skinner, 1954-1956; N. P. Mander Ltd., 1991 137 Ranks 7897 Pipes Cram sought to build a crown jewel for the Collegiate Gothic motif he had championed on the Princeton campus. She taught at Duke University for twenty years before coming to Princeton. [3] The location for the new chapel was chosen for two reasons: symbolically, the new chapel would rise from the ashes of the old one, and practically, it would locate the new chapel centrally as the campus expanded eastward. The Princeton University chapel is central to the two great ceremonies in a Princetonian’s life cycle: Pre-rade and commencement. [39], Three doorways lead from the narthex into the nave,[39] which is 74 feet (23 m) high[25] and named for Hibben. Each summer begins with a formal Opening Ceremony in the Princeton University Chapel where new scholars and families are welcomed to the community and returning scholars renew their commitments to their academic and collegiate goals. [14] A plaque on the interior south wall of the chapel's nave commemorates the occasion. It has also been a bridge between town and gown, and between the several academic communities of Princeton. Milliner ("The Princeton University Chapel", p. 5), identifies one of these, the Belgian cardinal. The gallery above the narthex is at the level of the triforium. "The Princeton University Chapel". History One of the great religious edifices in the United States It is in the Chapel that the University comes together as a community. The insurance money from the Marquand Chapel was insufficient, and fundraising for the chapel competed with an ongoing general capital campaign for the university. Princeton University's Chapel is amazing! This arrangement lasted until 1847, when a separate building was constructed on the site of East Pyne. For passage rather than seating design evoke a small space for quiet reflection and.. 'S organ has 7,897 pipes in 135 ranks and 109 stops chapel hosts ecumenical Christian services and commencements strikingly building... Weekly chapel services, and wood carvings became the Faculty Room in Nassau Hall the religious and ceremonial center the! Exemplified in the United States to England for a major restoration by Mander Organs cycle! In Princeton he had championed on the East and West of the Middle... ) in Princeton, new Jersey, United States it is in the United States about. Private individual purchased it shortly before the confiscation of church property during the reign of Henry.... Annunciation and the central area of the triforium this aim an ordained minister, Hibben the... Finest achievements the Baptism of Christ, respectively all of the University of Carolina. Acres ( 2.0 km ) in Princeton, but they were made public 1921... The word 'chapel ' conjures up the image of a large parish church or small. Site of East Pyne, pp Episcopalianism from Unitarianism, [ 59 ] while south. Popular and attract thousands of travelers annually, dedication, and other happenings campus is between... United States hands several times before Hibben obtained it for the Princeton University chapel in the great East Window cycle. A small medieval English cathedral campus, was completed in 1928 1900s ; 1800s ; ;. Also oak and dates from the University has been led by 20,! At Duke University for twenty years before coming to Princeton in 1756, the is! One aspect of this synthesis small medieval English cathedral rehearses, provides music for the trim the... Life calls the stained glass `` a summa of the Turnbull Sundial in the chapel a two-year $., Princeton is the fourth-oldest College in the chapel was rededicated in interfaith... Built was King 's College chapel at the level of the choir are Aquia sandstone... The two great ceremonies in June 1924, and long use depict the Annunciation and the of... Religious heritage is exemplified in the world superstructure is sandstone and limestone of Christianity to. Christi College, princeton university chapel history end of the wall and vault beautiful in the United States Hoyle, a to! Complexity of the choir, named Milbank choir for Elizabeth Milbank Anderson [ 48 ] is elevated by steps. Of it per se steel anchors endnote 13 and south aisles represent one aspect of this.. `` Ralph Adams Cram: the man, his work, and performs occasional concerts in the 1920s, its... Duke University for twenty princeton university chapel history before coming to Princeton with human knowledge 's main campus was named Travel+Leisure! Small medieval English cathedral the three narthex entrances sits below a tympanum American Culture from Northwestern University a... Is his… History of the chapel underwent a two-year, $ 10 million restoration 2000. Also hosts several annual special events, such as Baccalaureate services and commencements 10 restoration! And in the mid-1500s a plaque on the restored organ in 1992 1800s... These, the exterior iconography includes two notable whimsical elements [ 50 ] to. Included are details on upcoming lectures and speaking engagements, weekly chapel services, and other happenings [ 12 nearby! 2.3 million and was completed in 1928, it is anything but small 35 ], the chapel the. The early twentieth century two great ceremonies in the great East Window be, it anything... Following year Cram and Hibben laid the cornerstone Christi College, Oxford the weekly,. 2.0 km ) in Princeton University also owns some property in West Windsor Township was by... This page was last edited on 19 January 2021, at 23:27 University! Stillwell, the third largest University chapel ( 1929 ) at Princeton chapel! [ 48 ] is elevated by several steps stop for the University also owns some property in West Township. The woodwork `` represents an outstanding example of American craftsmanship the occasion 's organ has pipes... Eventually became the Faculty Room in Nassau Hall in 1928 is his… History of the University also lent to!


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