Grand Hotel << 60 Shadows Into Light Two Pernament Marker 32 Fredoka One %���� %�쏢 3 0 obj Aldrich /F1 5 0 R O�fy"��#�mfER��?3�F[6�y� �=3a��v�����\Iy.F�����l��TV�͡���o�e�$^7�]sw�*��Qϭ���B-"j/3����;t���uR�3��X�d \/gY�~�"Gn �c�RpmGK?D�SU�fy��"זk9���]�4iZ���͸�r[����4ѕv�t���L�L�V��h��E4,�#�p�t����<>>�[�X���,sJТA�k�MP��9>6w������6Pd�}T45�i�X[���|s�.��J�( 1�eA���RtB@�;�$0��"c�Ǩ!�j�؜���r��!t�JK�YF�W�V 14 Rancho Satisfy Task One Look at this list of pronouns – 8 2 0 obj These are used to replace nouns in sentences. /Image14 14 0 R >> To make the second sentence sound better, you can change the word John to he. /GS7 7 0 R Escolar 4. Arial Pronouns A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Ribeye Marrow /Contents [ 4 0 R 125 0 R ] Comic Neue Henny Penny 4 0 obj Lobster << /Type /Pages >> /Lang (en-US) /Filter /FlateDecode << /S /Transparency Patrick Hand endobj They saw Steve and me / I at the movies last night after class. Bubblegum Sans endobj Kalam 3. Lobster Two /Image10 10 0 R Gochi Hand /F2 8 0 R Luckiest Guy Close. %PDF-1.4 /F3 16 0 R Personal pronouns worksheet Author: K5 Learning Subject: Grade 2 pronouns worksheet: Personal pronouns Keywords: pronouns, grade 2, worksheet, personal pronouns, grammar, english Created Date: 2/5/2019 9:42:06 PM We would say; Graham went to the table and he picked up the ruler. /Tabs /S >> τt�S� ��es �|W.+��� ��[jn�)� Fontdiner Swanky Open Sans /XObject << 24 16 Reenie Beanie example: John is a mail carrier. Chewy English as a Second Language (ESL) > Personal Pronouns > Personal Pronouns, What do you want to do? Instead of saying- Graham went to the table and Graham picked up the ruler. @�k�dk�+�tllh��!575�"53���*����fb����T���.��8� ���7�^w�=��͋/����K/��o����W/����w�ݫ�_�}��ɧw������m����ջ|9�?��}������������q� s��[˯��:߹������W߇�lw�x��0~��rW����! >> 18 /Kids [ 3 0 R 18 0 R ] ��R��ߔ�ې����t%�_��8�����k�ť�е��4���T�@�҄��1V5��#e�oYmz]]��Ɨ��ش�[��X?��>Պ�C8�|�e�0kc���2)����͹�b7�Õ�f���V�������{����WZس�Zt;xt��uZԩ��Z3>؟�J&�Q�k����-&����X��D[����)|H��#�Tr43��^��7ux�]�v{� Ks�<4Y����&d�L����c�#���6;�Z�\�2�m�8�����OR��q�����`��.�4�F7��N>S=n�¾���bK$�Mm˙���'�J�O���CU{�z�=��7�^��Ň���e]\h���o]}|̏�2����߾�׻�$��Զq�u�nk��R������2޸�}m�Qh_����S2weQ&�(�_�(��-����yfEA��(�¢��~��(�i�bÊ�����Y%�H��gLϱ6& �@O�Ǝ� >> We have used the pronoun he instead of the noun Graham. %PDF-1.5 50 36 1. Cherry Cream Soda Orbitron 22 Russo One Sacramento Yanone Kaffeesatz Pacifico 12 13 Exo 2 Black Ops One Gloria Hallelujah ��x\�)�S�3��n����2�-B|˦pO�†m9��4$5��|�T�1v�hua�w�C�ͻ��.L���)Fم)0��.l޷�������i&sݳ�ƲՅ,c@�ϢR��Uva <> /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] It is also important to learn possessive adjectives when learning these forms. /ExtGState << x��}[��ȑ�;E�iَ�� Freckle Face Gurmukhi Spanish Subject Pronouns yo nosotros tú vosotros él ellos ella ellas usted ustedes copyright 2011 Singular Plural. /StructTreeRoot 22 0 R >> Special Elite All known languages contain personal pronouns. Personal pronouns are pronouns used as substitutes for proper or common nouns.    Size: /Count 2 Live worksheets > English > >> /Marked true Covered By Your Grace Look at the top of your web browser. /MarkInfo << >> English Meanings of Pronouns I we you you all- group he they- masculine she they- feminine you- formal You all- group (used in Latin America) /Group << 10 5 0 obj He carries a blue bag. Email my answers to my teacher, Font: /Type /Catalog /Type /Group VT323 Jolly Lodger Oswald ��.R����u"b���h�0%�h. Check my answers Unkempt new sentence: John is a mail carrier. stream Neucha 11 Boogaloo �-A�j9�Uqa2�ð���O��o�_C��1~w�0�y�è� 5q�0���.��>L5� %�_�m���*�C�V��•�����d7���0��HRj��,� iL� �^I�N�J0����+��)5٨z% �V�+��v�+iHb>�N{%���5��^�`(>�f�e��$[&�% �-��a����F1��3� JP��^I��Uqa2Z�0�-��aϚ:�̨�+�b �g0���¨�T�������(5��e�@m��M��q�O��4�k��Ed}�Y�E����R���~�9���0�����w��E�f�b+�%��G� =V,X�,�/�t���ّ�ϊ3̯�.�FT>&7-�z��B>�V\�����}�"n&�����^�q�{F=V&|!1Euz1u�xTx>��yXnӌi��̏50Ԑ4$���PMYsf �����6��Wǁ�|��L��A��U��v^+?% I�O��Ϳ��d�{V�X���@�4c %([��P��Uqa2]��1�9�Z[�a F1��3ŀҎ�Q$�������( �d{V�8[C�Q��F1�t 2A�j9�Uqa2Z�0����F��=�Ή��9.���5~���c��X$�c��L��k��խ7��U1��j��JC���6�}Hc��huV�w������7;+�>�&Ug%��*;��Ng*��$想��2�=�k,[���2P|�@ �V�YI4�*.L�s "h�î�W��Y�b �g0���lU��Dc���d4�a1�h�Þ5� �Q��2� ��`(A�Q�Y��Z&�9�QjpQ�pMg5�~"�c�ߏ�VZ3�œ�{ 70 /Resources << /Type /Page 80 ��������{�����p���m�����6��|��t?��4��>�����鶄�[H�8���������a���6n/�w��������� ���-ҰN/�P��yy�c{��1%�2�\�z�/��m��>�@c������h�gu[����9]ß���:�����bT�o����T��'i0�}�k�xOѻa���P&���S��2[��oy�Ky��u__���2X�o��M�~��9��W�)n3,!��L�?�(�i���~� �>'9'��m:��O�!�>T�������������՛���}�ݼ��%0ղ��Wj�Ca�!P;o��o�1ԥ�����c*8r돍�cej�ӡ�%B=�)����I�]��/-ҏ�r���]�#X������sǚ��~I�gO ��!K�UAr�c ���� S�r.w�Z����p�2�x%�i{��PmR�j��N��oz�v9�I��=���&��_�jm̷-m�5�$���5��!a�����ci��w e��BO�V�����R۾��¡����P�'�D~"zZ���>xd�-Kò�G7��z��؂hՍ;�z �|��/9籉����o�~� 7���| J�}�9�����Q>��_4����"g����j�ZMfc��v�19�����,���h���f�7��,���}�AM�U��a)|���@�ܢ�N줩�+��a��Op��:x�V�4���5��B�-Z�}]�� Bangers x��]o��=@��Rȇ�?%����k���؇���b��H9�i��G�����pLG��Їb��Hq�����._���M9߱o��|�ە�U�`חW��ϗW_�ˏ�r]��uS�{�� {}u~v�'��dW7�g���O�L�Tj�قˮ���R����~��r��w�g� ��̮~8?��8L� �{��_�q!%K��-��k�&���@ ���S���Bp��ڏ�L%�vf���]�ܰ��L5u����F0JeyZ1��,�1������\r�5/ߵ�bva� /Length 2749 Architects Daughter Love Ya Like A Sister H���Q���Hz �A��#z�o޿e��_�zɒ��x�j��5��A��}<3��o@��仩��e~� ��=Ʈ�TM�58{�4\�A F8����y[�1���l_Հ@&N� oޢJ��3�ܸ��вm�~��ib�J�NY�1�)wG˟��?�#k��M�Q�E�����g��I�JZ�$�O���c��r*F�r5���Pi. Mountains of Christmas Click on the image to display our PDF worksheet. 1 0 obj /CS /DeviceRGB If you see a message asking for permission to access the microphone, please allow. Schoolbell px, Please allow access to the microphone 28 Coming Soon 9 ~f��7���Z~��8]`}ؾ@q�m8�ɯ\���g���+�yWVr�X�������[�I�9����7/f��DŁ��8݅���^|��ۖ��2Ͼ�7z��g�ݴ���C���0�n�@u}��F�ƵE����n���qQ.9Q��PRDH���4��\1n�+f�8���Rl˼�_�\��)5��RC1H0�J������N�4$�����sM�"rݳ��r��:�q�M�1��3h� JP��Q$�������.��a��5��A���l�� ��`(A��D�H4�*.LFs�.uW9�z��QK0�#p�C� ��(P�


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