Built of fine materials, such as cream-coloured Magny and Chamesson limestone from France, Jet Mist granite from the United States and stainless steel from Germany, as well as architectural concrete from Qatar, the Museum is composed of a five-storey main building and a two-storey Education Wing, which are connected across a central courtyard. All right reserved. Plan your visit to MIA. A park of approximately 64 acres of dunes and oases creates a new peninsula behind the Museum, offering refuge to the Persian Gulf from the north and to industrial buildings in the east, in addition to a picturesque backdrop. The Language of Islamic Art The first of these floors highlights the visual elements that are found universally in the arts of the Islamic world. To protect the fragile antiques on display, the rooms have specially designed cases and lighting. Islamic art covers a wide range of artistic production, from ceramic pots and silk carpets to oil paintings and tiled mosques. Soon some traditional details begin to appear: the two small arched windows above the entrance or the covered gallery that links the museum with an educational center. “We are proud to open the doors of this magnificent I.M Pei masterpiece, and to share with the world the exceptional depth and vitality of Islamic art.”, Museum of Islamic Art is located on its own island off the Doha Corniche: Courtesy of the Museum of Islamic Art, “We are thrilled to be able to display more than 800 pieces in the inaugural installation of our permanent collection, including many masterpieces of Islamic art that have rarely or never been exhibited before,” said Oliver Watson, director of the Museum of Islamic Art. These realities acknowledged, some scholars and institutions have opted to stress the Islam component of “Islamic art” (consider the name of the Louvre’s renovated galleries, “Arts of Islam,” that reopened in the fall of 2012). A magnificent pair of cast brass door knockers (Syria, Jazira or Iraq, early 13th century) features an interlaced arabesque design, and an inlaid brass tray stand (Syria, 1240-1260) depicts symbols of power including an enthroned ruler, hunting scenes and astronomical images. تصفح مواقعنا للتواصل الإجتماعي لمعرفة آخر أخبارنا. Moreover, there are many examples of non-Muslims creating works of art categorized as “Islamic,” or even “Islamic” works of art created for non-Muslim patrons. _ The building is made from limestone, which captures hourly changes in light and shade. _ In 1976, Duke acquired a variety of components that had been on view in the Kevorkian Center, as well as additional ones preserved in NYU storage. 1 5 . Although the central dome of the Museum can remember a certain number of mosque structures, the architect has not aligned his building or his large window in the direction of Mecca.


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