A regular flipper is easy for me to open and this only makes it difficult to close so it offers no help. Yimes Gold Member Gold Member. PLEASE SEE "Covid Update" BELOW BEFORE VISITING. The build is nicer than it needed to be for this price. Got the Link in M390 today and I have to say I'm impressed. Hello BF. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! KERSHAW 1605CKTST CLASH BLACK BLADE COMBO EDGE FOLDING KNIFE. SpeedSafe opening is brisk with a loud thwack that entertains the user but will alarm any audience other than your wife. kershaw 1830 oso sweet linerlock plain edge folding knife. I have recieved on the packaging a requested Knife Wielding Bird as recommended from Birdshot IV and I am so impressed with AMS (: the drawing is amazing! Love feel in hand. Blade is perfect. What's not to like? KERSHAW 7006CU NATRIX COPPER FRAME LOCK D2 STEEL FOLDING KNIFE. #bladehqdrawings!!!!! I received my Knife yesterday on Sunday, that was cool. Looks like they came back with the bargain of the century. The Link is available in aluminum and glass-filled nylon (GFN) handles with tanto and drop point blade options. It’s worth the upgrade and the black aluminum is beautiful! This Link, model 1776BLK, is our drop-point blade model. May scratch more easily but it's a tough knife - it'll look better the more you wear on it. That’s why we can back each of our knives for the life of its original owner against any defects in materials and construction with our famous Limited Lifetime Warranty. KERSHAW 1555TBW TANTO CRYO HINDERER DESIGNED SPEEDSAFE ASSISTED FOLDING KNIFE. The only thing I anticipate doing to this knife is adding a deep carry clip. KERSHAW 1812GRY DIVIDEND ASSISTED LINERLOCK FOLDING KNIFE. The assisted action took a bit of getting used to, but after a few days of repeated flipping open and closing, it feels more natural. The handle is aluminum and feels good in the hand, to me. HOURS AND GUIDELINES ARE POSTED THERE. Ergo's are ok. Reversible pocketclip, (left/right; tip-up) The Link with the M390 Blade is a great touch the CPM154 they use I've had no problems with and I carry it day after day, ATS-34 about the same, so now I get to try the M390, right out of box Razor Sharp, good hand feel, added Lanyard comes out of pocket very fast. In like it enough to have 2. Kershaw M390 Link Discussion in 'For Sale: Folding Knives (Individual)' started by Yimes, Oct 10, 2020. This is the cheapest M390 folder you can find. Solid blade. By using this site, you accept our, Kershaw Link, alrighty, let's talk about the Link. KERSHAW 1955 SHOWTIME ASSISTED FRAME LOCK PLAIN EDGE FOLDING KNIFE. From award-winning technologies and advanced materials to the solid sound of the blade lockup, when you’re carrying a Kershaw, you know you’re carrying the real thing. Appropriately, it is called the Link and has been given the patriotic model number of 1776. Flipper 1776BLK Made in USA New in box *** M390 Steel ***, MADE IN THE USA QUALITY, SUPER-AFFORDABLE PRICE. Made in the USA is best for me. KERSHAW 1555TI CRYO HINDERER ASSISTED FRAME LOCK PLAIN EDGE FOLDING KNIFE. it's taken over the spot of knives I've paid twice as much for... You should buy one... Or two lol. The speed safe assisted opening really bothers me. (136.1 g), DAVE'S VAULT (not for the faint of heart), Kershaw Vintage 1985 Rotary Lock Model 2101, Kershaw Balisong Butterfly Knife Lucha 5150BW Made in USA **IN STOCK**, Olight Warrior X Pro Superior Tactical Thrower Limited Edition ( BLUE ), Olight Warrior X Pro Superior Tactical Thrower Limited Edition ( Green ). The only thing I wish it had was some jimping for grip on the back of the blade. (8.4 cm) I can whip the link out of my pocket and my index finger just rests on the spur naturally. The size, heft and usable blade type are perfect for wear & tear outdoors with gloves. A+ would buy again. Razor sharp and the blade holds an edge great. There were many offerings in this steel that I am so attracted to, for a folding knife. Only downside is they come with rather cheap steel. Pocket clip is good but doesn't seat deep---only easy design change I'd request of Kershaw (see photo). It’s just not a useful knofe for me besides beating it to hell and saying I tried M390. (11.2 cm) KERSHAW 4037 ATMOS LINERLOCK 8CR13MOV STEEL G10 HANDLE PLAIN EDGE FOLDING KNIFE, KERSHAW 1557TI FERRITE ASSISTED OPENING PLAIN EDGE FOLDING KNIFE. Stopped by the store to see this and it's awesome! KERSHAW 1670BLK BLUR SANDVIK STEEL SPEEDSAFE PLAIN EDGE FOLDING KNIFE. This is my first knife with M390 steel. kershaw 1955 showtime assisted frame lock plain edge folding knife. I have the Benchmade Barrage 581, which is also M390 as well as the Bradford Guardian 5 (another truly beautiful piece of work). Had it sharpened by a pro and it has held a wickedly sharp edge for months. I finally had to wedge tiny slivers of metal into the gaps around the pivot. Came fairly sharp. I love this knife..I had ordered the Dividend at first with the budget steel, but when I saw the Dividend was available in M390 I thought I would exchange it, but then I saw the Link was also available in this awesome M390...I thought this one is "missing" from my collection.so got the link..it feels a little better in my hand..just a little bigger and not that heavy..thanks Blade HQ and Kershaw. I found the Kershaw Link and thought I couldn't pass it up. Destined to be a hit, the Link flipper is a sleek and friendly EDC knife with Kershaw's SpeedSafe® assisted opening mechanism for quick one-hand operation. Great steel, sharp out of the box. I have an EDC elmax karambit that I love but the shape of the blade makes it a bear to sharpen. A sleek carbon fiber handle matches the dark blade for a stealthy look. I was impressed with the factory edge and don't expect to have to clean it up any time soon. Only downside for EDC is it's a bit heavy. I wanted a knife that I was willing to use but I didn't want some sub par steel. Very secure. This one's going right to work with me. The only draw back is the blade is too fat to be a great slicer. Out of the box it is a very good build quality that feels great in my hand. KERSHAW 1365 MISDIRECT FRAMELOCK ASSISTED 4CR13MOV FOLDING KNIFE.


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