text-align:left; Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. } I have been with Telus for several years and their customer service has gone down hill drastically! First, I am unable to pay through the website. Looking at Telus Internet 75 (The highest option available in my region), they have a promo right now for just $45/mo plus $150 bill credit for signing up for 2 years. After all I called him. Their services are exclusively obtained in Canada. padding:10px 50px; TELUS is an internet service provider whose aim is to bring immense service to Canadians. Since I'm in the business of saving money, I'm just asking you guys if switching to the lower speeds of Telus would have an impact on my day-to-day internet speeds, or if it should be fine and switching to Telus is the best idea. They offer internet services that are second to none; the rate is so affordable that it will literally make your flip. If you like being on hold for 5 hours straight then they are the right one for you. Maybe I should barter with them. The Internet normally costs $75 plus tax per month, that means we are saving $648 a year. Honestly, 75 MBPS is pretty good for the most part. Our. How in the heck? Honestly, 75 MBPS is pretty good for the most part. Copyright 2019  CompareMyRates Inc. All rights reserved. Persons with Disability (PWD) benefit or the Alberta Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) benefit. } width:100%; I try to put the line on hold for a few months because I have to leave the country, but they will charge me $35? Minimum contract. It is not calming. The Telus rep was pleasant but useless and used a terribly written script. Press J to jump to the feed. Confirming technology and train rates (ping between modem and first hop) is a more effective way of determining if a connection is better for gaming. I don't mind slower DL speeds, I just don't want it to be a HUGE difference on streaming/latency to downgrade and save the money. border-bottom-color: #e5e5e5; To execute their intent, 6 imperatives were created and they are: (just to mention a few). Make sure help is always available by purchasing their Tech Support Plus plan. About Telus Internet Services. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. They force you to call them to stop it so I did and after a long wait, an agent said he stopped all ads to my phone... Well, the very next day I got another spam call from telus promoting their products. If you have ever need an opportunity to own a 40 inch Samsung LED smart T.V; it is here, you will get it if you sign up for their T.V and internet offers for three years; in addition, you will receive a free PVR plus 2 free digital box rentals. I paid 200 plus in store found out it cost me more for this bs i signed up for only to get home and see on my account another almost 200 dollar bill and it is due Nov 6. I put this off for a bit, but I did end up returning the equipment. Best High-Speed Internet Plans & Service Providers, Best Cell Phone Plans for International Travel, Best Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Cell Phone Plans, Newfoundland and Labrador Internet Providers, Best Distributel Internet Plans, Deals & Special Offers, Best Bravo Telecom Internet Plans and Offers in Quebec, Best Diallog Telecommunication Internet Plans and Reviews, Top 5 Picks for the Best Internet Providers in Oakville, CompareMyRates Co-Sponsors the 2018 Canadian ISP Summit, Internet 15 with 15 mbps download and 1 mbps upload (ideal for casual surfing), Internet 25 with 25 mbps download and 5 mbps upload (ideal for moderate Internet use), Internet 50 with 50 mbps download and 10 mbps upload (ideal for heavy Internet use), Internet 100 with 100 mbps download and 20 mbps upload (ideal for extreme Internet use), To construct domestic capabilities throughout wireless, IP, and data, To target the improvement of data, IP, and wireless, Offer combined solutions that sets them apart from other companies. Seems like you need to break a limb in order to get a hold of this company. The biggest thing is the price tag if I'm going to be honest. Shaw Internet 75 - 2-year ValuePlan, With a 2-year ValuePlan^Our fastest speeds with unlimited data. } Today Ive received an email saying I have to activate the link in paypal and start again to received my postage back! The difference is about 35 bucks/mo, but if Telus blows and Shaws speed is the way to go, I'm willing to pay the extra money. Going to 300+ won't make a significant difference in day to day stuff stuff like web browsing, streaming video (more than sufficient to stream 4K), or even playing games online (latency shouldn't be an issue at 75). Much better speed than Shaw tbh and you might get fiber in the future which is always a good thing. Impossible to get a hold of anyone at anytime. They hook you on to a plan with a good deal and do not tell you that it will only last 12 months. TELUS's wireless division, TELUS Mobility, offers CDMA 2000, IDEN, HSPA+, and LTE-based mobile phone networks. Telus emailed me a reminder to make a payment. Get the lowest rates on High-speed Telus internet plans, Unlimited Telus internet plans in Canada. Eligibility for the expanded program is based on receiving the B.C. Cancelled my home services with Telus, Of course, they wanted me to return the equipment I rented, which is fair. Therefore, to enable you enjoy more for your money. Spent 45 min on phone which then died. border-bottom:1px solid #d7d7d7 All this for £4.10. I wish there was a 'zero' star option. float:none TELUS’s major market areas are British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Their 300Mbps plan is $85 a month, but that's without a long-term contract, and it's not gonna jump in price after X months, and according to the website it reaches up to 20mbps up compared to Shaw's 15 up. border-bottom:0; padding-top: 12px !important; Hope that helps. Tried online. From moving city to city with this company, working wherever they send you...then losing some wages when they change the way they give bonus/ commission... then covid hits so adjusting to working from home doing a whole different job, to coming back after covid, putting yourself and your children at risk for them to write up a generic letter saying they are “restructuring”, and we are letting you go. And, we receive compensation each time you click on link posted on our website. I play a lot of video games while my girlfriend watches Netflix, so the speed is very important. display:none But hey, feel free to call back. If you’ve been looking for a reliable internet service provider (ISP) that has extensive coverage in most of the locations in Canada, you could consider opting for Distributel. Obviously 3x the speed with Shaw is a huge benefit if you're downloading a game that's like 80-100 GB. Going to 300+ won't make a significant difference in day to day stuff stuff like web browsing, streaming video (more than sufficient to stream 4K), or even playing games online (latency shouldn't be an issue at 75) The other factors to keep in mind are: Upload speed with Shaw is abysmal (10 MBPS no matter your plan, I'm on their Internet 600 and STILL only have 10 up) whereas Telus upload is generally more in line with the download speed. .pr-hiw-wrap-tables { } Our business is an excellent customer and they could not would not help over the phone with Roaming charges against a phone that wasn't roaming.I tried to explain but they refused to listen until I told them my account number which surprise surprise I did not memorize. Bandwidth is RARELY the issue once you go over 50mbps. }, by comparemyrates | Updated: Jul 6, 2020 | Internet, by Borche Stefanov | Updated: Jul 6, 2020 | Internet. } To order for their product you will need credits card. I was on Telus Internet 100, which took me a lot of hassle to get on in the first place. VMedia was the first Canadian company to ensure that all its internet plans were unlimited. } The answer is of course positive considering the fact that they are positioned as one of the best in the market. And it is by far the worst telecommunications company in Canada.Waiting on the phone for over an hour is normal for this company.The equipment they installed in my place consistently fails. Their unique selling product is one that has earned them multiple recognition and immense subscriber base. For Edmontonians by Edmontonians! Dont shackle yourself to telus, it'll screw you in the long run, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. TELUS is a Canadian national telecommunications company that provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and satellite television. font-weight:700; .pr-bot-about .bottom-table-column img { You can get the bundle monthly for $25 or subscribe for their 3 year package and save $696. border-right:0 text-align:center; .bottom-table-footer a { I pay $80/month for Telus 300 which also includes the Telus Wifi Boost Wi-Fi Starter pack. CompareMyRates.ca is an independent platform, not affiliated to any specific service provider or company. ©2020 Shaw Communications. } It has experienced a 6.2% increase in the overall population as compared to the census in 2011.


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