For example, gender pay gap reporting has brought more transparency and accountability to gender equality at work. In fact, studies have suggested that women earn only 80% of what their male counterparts do. Some of the most common industry areas that see a dominance in male employees over female is in computing, engineering, medicine and science. The workplace gender equality helps improve the national productivity, and enhances the ability of companies to attract diverse talents and retain employees. *HM Government, Gender equality at every stage : a roadmap for change. An interesting article by Mark Beatson looks at the new CIPD research report on gender diversity in the boardroom. Achieving gender equality is important for the workplace not only because it’s the moral thing to do, but also because it helps link our country’s overall economic performance to a high standard. Back in 1986, 85% of men said their type of work was done mainly or almost exclusively by men and almost no men did ‘women’s work’. In chapter two of this book, “On Tap But Not on Top,” it shows that women are still considered a housewife. Women influence over 85% of retail decisions so in order to have a diverse approach to your business goals, you need a diverse workforce. The CIPD now has almost 30 years of data. Even so, the chart shows, at a high level, the impact of having a family. Women now, on average, have better qualifications than men and there is more support for maternity pay, leave and access to flexible working. If women have a sense that there is a chance to progress thanks to equal gender representation in senior roles then it can vastly increase productivity and positivity which can filter through the rest of the office. Gender equality and race equality are closely linked. An equal opportunities environment in the office can self promote and increase ambitions in the workplace. Whilst most of us agree that in order to have a fair and productive working environment, an equal balance of men and women is required, more commonly than not, this is not the case despite the modern age that we live in. – Gender segregation has been a popular area of analysis. elderly employees, many are often discriminated against based on their age. These are the principal findings of Women in the Workplace, a study undertaken by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey to encourage female leadership and gender equality in the workforce. success of your project, program or process (ranking 1=low importance; 2= important; 3=very important). Women who chose to start a family, frequently have their career’s disrupted by maternity leave, childcare and part time working. Perhaps not everybody aspires to be on the board of a FTSE250 Company, but the lack of diversity in these top organisations should matter to all of us for 2 reasons: – Company culture needs to continue to change if the gap between men and women in pay and career opportunities is to diminish.


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