[20], On January 7, 2014 Huron acquired The Frankel Group Associates LLC, a life sciences consulting firm. On July 31, 2009, Huron announced that the company would restate its financial statements for 2006, 2007, 2008, and first quarter 2009. Holdren’s litigation services group evolved into a collection of consulting groups, including one focused on business fraud. [22], Huron acquired Click Commerce, a supplier of software-based applications and professional services to academic medical centers and research institutions. [4] Huron Consulting Group Inc., the holding company, became a public company trading common stock on the NASDAQ Global Select Market exchange under the ticker "HURN" in October 2004. “The controls were there, and when they caught it they did the right thing, but time will tell what was going on,” Becher said. We are responding to Anonymous - yes we did read the 10K and 10Q, this had no cash flow impact but owing to the incorrect accounting it did have an income statement impact. [9], On July 27, 2016, Huron acquired Healthcare Services Management, Inc. (HSM), a healthcare information technology consultant. Huron’s audit committee discovered shareholders of four businesses Huron bought redistributed portions of their payments among themselves and to certain Huron employees. [19], On May 5, 2014 Huron acquired Vonlay, LLC, a healthcare technology consulting firm. How was it able to go on for three-and-a-half years? [29] The company also announced that James H. Roth, a founder of the company, would be Huron's new CEO. For example, it tried to both sell internal audit services to clients and pitch Andersen as external auditors. which eventually led the SEC to charge Fannie Mae with fraud. The problems at Huron Consulting Group Inc. may reflect a corporate culture that carried over from Arthur Andersen, the firm that collapsed in connection with the Enron Corp scandal in 2002, legal and corporate governance experts say. The issue was initially identified by the Chief Accounting Officer/Controller, Wayne Lipski. Huron did have to restate its historical financials in line with GAAP guidelines, and the stock did fall substantially, and the CEO and CFO did leave. As of 2019, Huron had more than 3,700 employees. [7][8], On January 9, 2017, Huron acquired Pope Woodhead & Associates, a UK-based life sciences firm. It's funny that people in the world go to "blogspots" and think these are factual research.... and not just ramblings. The chief financial officer and chief accounting officer are also departing. [5], The firm’s headquarters are in Chicago and it has 25 global locations across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. [17], On Jan. 8, 2015, Huron acquired Sky Analytics, a Massachusetts-based provider of legal software for corporate law departments.


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