If you want to debate how the Phoenix can defeat Franklin , then do so based on relevant combat and power feats . Technically, Scarlet Witch isn't a very powerful mutant. Franklin Richards is fully mature and able to use his powers to his full potential. Do you think PF full power also, if is that the case than PF might take him. With a little-borrowed moisture, Iceman reassembled the shards of his form. Take a second to look at our. However i believe franklin would get taken out, franklin is not overrated, even if we forget about his true potential and look at the things hes done, hes proven to be far above eternity death etc, CURRENTLY{forgettin his true potential "bullshit"} he has proven to be second only to, tribunal, true beyonderss, TOAA, heart of the universe, so look at it this way. @pyrofn: not sure of it's designation, but the Phoenix is the cosmic energy that made Galan from the previous universe into Galactus, per canon. he's dead. Marvel Girl) is a powerful telepath, the Phoenix Force is much more complex and way stronger than one might think. Second round is against the Force itself. Or surviving a Celestial assault? Who will win in this battle and why ? The Pheonix Force without a host. Hope is stronger. Such isn't the case, unfortunately for Brian. I don't think she could take the whole race though. Been writing about entertainment topics for the past few years, and continuing to expand my portfolio of posts with many more here. Plus, Xavier's years of experience perfecting and honing his abilities have made him much more capable than his son. The Pheonix Force without a host. PF is a symbiote much like Venom. Also note that it also depends on the skill of the avatar. Current Franklin gets murdered by the Phoenix Force. Neither are sillver aliens that ride surfboards. Since those powers can be used to change reality to an individual's liking, it makes them especially dangerous. i highly doubt it, We'll have to agree to disagree, and i'm fine with that ,and I was only using Mimic as an example,obviously she exceeds him in power when it comes to who can duplicate who and how many, but assuming that she can duplicates anyone's ability and use it to an unlimited degreeis pure speculation. With the power to manipulate fundamental forces of the universe, Hyperstorm eliminated anyone who stood in his way, up until the point that Galactus devoured him whole. Due to the vampiric nature of his ability, Kevin made it his goal to find a suitable host but never managed to. Thats news to me :). thats prolly why he is in comics so much. They are responsible for his existence , not the Phoenix . That's right, because Marvel was kicking DC's ass in sales! I've stated multiple times that nothing she has performed so far suggest that she contend with Franklin,and even if the phoenix augments her powers there is no certainty that it would excel Franklin's. First round is against Hope Summers with the Phoenix Force. Who Would Win: Franklin Richards vs The Phoenix Force. Franklin Richards at full power can turn Galactus into his herald. Franklin is above MM in imo. When it manifests without a host or avatar it basically threatens to end existence by drawing from unborn life to maintain that sentience. The Phoenix Force is simply above Franklin. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW A GENETIC MUTATION CAUSES A KID TO BE ABLE TO CREATE UNIVERSES UNDER HIS OWN POWER!!!!!!!!! Since he's a member of the Externals, an immortal race of mutants, he's on a whole nother level of power. The PF needs an telepathic host....to give it a "mind" of its own so do speak and experience sensations through the host; In return, the host is given unimagineable power BUT too much power can be deadly to both the PF and host. In the comics, mutants are classified by their power level, the strongest being the Omegas. As it turns out, Jamie Braddock Jr. is also somewhat of a god-like being. how? Oh yes. Messages: 1,035 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 211 Joined: Aug 15, 2011. Check . If those weren't their, his nightmares, dreams, or thoughts could destroy everyone on earth. When the teams found themselves in conflict, all it took was two members of Phoenix Five to beat the Avengers. I mean, getting struck by lightning would logically give a normal man superspeed, rather than killing him. So this is why I don't see her being hindered by any limits she has when not channeling the Phoenix. but if he faces MM the battle will end something like this.spam_laser. Phoenix vs Franklin Richards # Phoenix Why are the votes equal? Phoenix has shown to be able to undo and go untouched by reality warping beyond what Franklin has ever done. It is nicer to end it than reading some pessimistic words. Franklin has displayed trans-universal power in Daydreamers and Man-Thing vol 3 , and in F4#582 he displayed a multiversal scale of power . So yeah the Phoenix Force that became one with 616 Jean is the Phoenix Force proper. He may be able to use the power because of experience, but in the end he can't be more powerful because she can have his power magnify it and host the Phoenix.


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