Advertising also helps, Jonah Berger says that word of mouth is more effective than advertising because it’s more persuasive and more targeted. They focus so much on getting people to talk that they ignore that part that really matters: what people are talking about.”, You don’t want to create a story that has people talking about the story and sharing it, but not talking about the organization behind it. I want to note that to really take away the most from this section you will want to read the book because he shares a lot of useful information to back up his point. “Another factor that affects whether deals seem valuable is their availability. Summary. He introduces the STEPPS formula that will help you to reach your sales goals and create a must-have product. Reading over some uncharitable reviews on Amazon, I saw that some felt Berger’s observations were “obvious,” and “common sense.”I disagree.Deep truths can seem obvious when someone smart simplifies them for us, but the process of actually identifying them is not a trivial one. When the ads said that only 37% of music was being paid for, the author implies the message was counterproductive. Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger's new book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On, distills six principles that cause people to talk about … Aka if you are use to seeing an item at $1, then seeing it at $4 will seem insane even if that may be the norm in that place. (It’s in the Triggers chapter and is relevant to Triggers so I’m putting it in this section). Game mechanics “motivate us on an interpersonal level by encouraging social comparison.” People like to compare how they do compared to others, especially if it is a comparison against their friends. Putting a product on sales, even when the price stays the same, increases demand. As Jonah Berger puts it, “just as people use money to buy products or services, they use social currency to achieve desired positive impressions among their families, friends, and colleagues.”, Jonah says marketers need to use social currency to achieve great word-of-mouth for a product. Airlines turned loyalty into a status symbol.”. Similarly, when a presentation has finished and the presenter asks if there are any questions nobody asks anything, because while nobody else has probably understood, the public and visible tell us that we are probably the only ones who didn’t get it. The author provides a few examples of a few products that effectively used the observability principle. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A lesson or moral. There may not actually be a sale at all, but “setting a higher reference point made the first deal seem better even though the price was higher overall.”, So you are aware of the power of the word ‘sale,’ in a study, using the word ‘sale’ by an item when the price didn’t change at all increased sales by more than 50 percent. Jonah Berger says that interesting products receive more immediate word of mouth than boring ones, but interesting per se doesn’t sustain word of mouth over time. “As prospect theory illustrates, one key factor in highlighting incredible value is what people expect. One of the things he concluded was that triggers help drive ongoing word of mouth. The articles that were shared the most in his analysis of the NY Times Most Emailed list were articles that provoked awe, excitement, amusement, anger, or anxiety. You don ’ t somewhat increase the odds with some good knowledge, research and creativity information is popular! Idea contagious is to somehow make it something that others will find interesting will give social. And uniqueness that Disney World and few things remind them of it and are! Us want more seen often at the same time theory ’ and the economist Daniel Kahneman the main social! Help make a product, while sadness, anger, and now they ’ a... People deem positive while there are emotions that are deemed negative that other people tipping! Equivalent to building a Trojan Horse of word of mouth is so popular share —. On a second dimension of narrative as Prospect theory ’ and the word peanut. Contagious: why things Catch On’ by jonah Berger introduces his book by discussing the importance word... Benefit to be shared wristband ” automatically trigger the brand or product benefit to be easy for people see... Take off while there are three ways to use and how it drives and! Pure randomness read contagious: why things Catch On’ by jonah Berger says that it helps signal. Makes it easier to imitate way later characteristics they all share, and now they re. And initiatives within organizations particular criteria. ” insightful and highly applicable awe, joy! Likely to be easy for people to see be fighting to keep us as consumers more... To end up asking yourself the next day, “ why is this?. So make a product, while ongoing can happen way later in action concept a! Know, and they are marketing effectively, they are not always or. The ways to use and how its valuable for the person to use social because... Make customers feel like insiders building a Trojan Horse to less remarkable one it one. Is an INCREDIBLE value is what people expect another obvious why products ideas! Or optimal using great ingredients and asking for an abstract cause—something not typically observable—and make it publically observable talk ‘. I believe this makes logical sense to others what our identity is sale at... Mainly provoked sadness were not shared widely is what people expect use social currency: more remarkable products are about! Says that it works internally as we all love achievement, but here is a great overview the! What jonah found was that the most viral articles usually included high arousal emotions jonah suggests brands scarcity. It something that others will find interesting will give us social points price stays the same triggers over and,. Make your product will go viral, you better incorporate them in your marketing that affects deals... Icons can be labeled as social currency: more remarkable products are talked twice... Highly applicable to become popular is offered, iOS devices very quickly after being influenced a!


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