Recent survey data shows that informal employment is the norm, even among educated working youth. IZA J Labor Develop 3:6, Barsoum G (2016) The public sector as the employer of choice among youth in Egypt: the relevance of public service motivation theory. This is a preview of subscription content, Assaad R (2008) Unemployment and youth insertion in the labour market in Egypt. These figures explain why only one quarter of employed youth express satisfaction about their jobs in survey results. This figure is drastically depressed to six per cent among those with less than a secondary education. In Egypt the youth unemployment rate increased from 26.3% to 38.3% (+12%). Youth unemployment is a serious policy challenge in Egypt. In fact, if women in the working age population in Egypt (15-65) had the same unemployment rate of men, the national unemployment rate would drop to less than 10 per cent, according to data published in 2015 by CAPMAS. The largest educated group among the unemployed is university graduates. Creating more and better jobs for inclusive growth and improved youth employment prospects; Promoting decent work in the rural economy. In Egypt, the labor force survey is conducted four times a year by the Central Agency for... Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. The partnership level– By building capacity of actors, building networks, identifying needs of actors (in terms of material and knowledge), creating agreements and cooperating with others on concrete actions on the ground, the project will help to strengthen all these activities and will ensure that they are more streamlined towards the common goal of youth employment. "Educated unemployment," as often described in the literature, is a historical challenge in modern Egypt with documentation of the phenomenon dating back to the time of the British tutelage. Egypt orders detention of stand-up comedian over mocking state-owned religious..... Scotland fans ignore Covid rules to celebrate Euro 2020 qualification, New COVID-19 infections in England steady at 50,000 a day: ONS, In Georgia, Trump's shadow looms over pair of Senate runoffs. More than 60 per cent of young workers are employed in small and micro enterprises, most of them operating within the informal economy. Not logged in Interviews show that these young men and women would choose unemployment over a job with compromised benefits, or a “bad” job as described in the World Bank literature. Res Middle East Econ 4:93–116, Population Council (2010) Survey of young people in Egypt. Trump administration unveils move to crack down on US investments in Chinese..... Sudan to shelter Ethiopian refugees in 1980s camp for famine victims, Islamic State group claims responsibility for Jeddah attack, Putin says Russia approves second COVID-19 vaccine, Macron hails chance to 'make our planet great again' after Biden win, Ghana, Cameroon and Cote d'Ivoire march on in Nations' Cup qualifiers. Her research focuses on issues of youth, gender, employment and poverty. Young entrepreneurs list lack of finance and market competition as their key problems. Int J Public Adm 39(3):205–215, Barsoum G (2016) Youth–focused active labour market programmes in a constrained welfare regime: a qualitative reading of programmes in Egypt.


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