Jojun! Break it up! Not not today! Eng: pop!gasa, kpopviral No not today Some day, the flowers will wither But no not today But today's not the day No no not today It's too early to die Too good day No no not today No no no not today Yeah, we are extra Too high, we on trampoline Extra plus ordinary We have no ad to show to you. 나의 곁에 너를 믿어 But the gray one is correct, the others is kinda different, all the voices is difinitely not JUNGKOOK. is def JK (as is evidenced by the recent VLive called Happy Birthday to J-Hope where he actually sings his part xD) ikon, yoongi, kpop. Oh baby yes I want it. What you say yeah (say yeah) If you can’t fly, run Update date : May 01, 2019 Home » Artists B » BTS » BTS – Not Today Lyrics. 날아갈 수 없음 뛰어 Hey! jukji ana mutji mara Hey [Jimin] not not today Some day, the flowers will wither Hey crow-tits, everyone, hands up Hey not not today 총! BTS - Not Today Lyrics Korean Pronunciation 01. Throw it up! Here’s the video for reference, the part starts at 3:30: lol. Throw it up! It’s not Jimin or Taehyung, it’s Jungkook. Hey nareul mitneundamyeon hands up Hey not not today soneul deureo not not today Don’t kneel, don’t break down That’s (Do) not today! Hey not not today [JUNGKOOK] Together we won’t die soneul deureo [V] not not today Hey not not today thanxx a lot for your nice collections ,selections... Divide the lyrics into proper stanzas, please. Today, we fight! Video : Youtube | Lyrics Korean Pronunciation : KRSing | Lyrics Korean : Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC | Lyrics English : ibighit. +"Hey baepsae’s, all hands up" OMG I’m from Canada too!!! Jojun! Neol gaduneun yuricheonjang ttawin buswo Turn it up! I’m not completely sure about what you mean, but we pull the official Hangul lyrics from Korean music sites (eg. Members; Forum; New forum topics; Recent comments; Popular Content; Getting Started . Hey [Jimin] not not today No not today Some day, the flowers will wither But no not today But today's not the day No no not today It's too early to die Too good day No no not today No no no not today Yeah, we are extra sae sesang neodo wonhae Throw it up! But still part of this world Its actually Jungkook singing “neol gaduneun yuricheonjang ttawin buseo”. Personally, I hear Jungkook, but I’m going to have to wait for a live or the MV if it makes it clear. We believe that we’re Bangtan Hey 나를 믿는다면 hands up Thank You for spending so much effort and time to make these! Hey 친구들아 다 hands up balsa! Compare it to the voice he does in Baepsae, it sounds very similar plus the pronunciation of “yuricheonjang ttawin buswo” specifically sounds a lot like how he talks when he speaks fast (somewhat nasally?). Even if you have to crawl, gear up Learn how your comment data is processed. How do you distribute the lines? Hi, I recently watched BTS’s live for Not Today, it seems like Jimin is actually taking Jungkook’s last chorus part. The tone is slightly different if you listen and compare it to Taehyung’s line before it. Today we will survive geu ttaega oneureun aniji Too high, someone stop us, We couldn’t fail Too good day Break it up!


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