Who would win in a fight Superman or black Adam? Adam is just as strong, maybe slightly inferior, but it is so close, it doesn't matter. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Superman is great but he doesnt have the hreat to kill like BA. This fight, I find to be very interesting and incredibly close in my own opinion. This fight, I find to be very interesting and incredibly close in my own opinion. Magic or not, Adam can’t overcome the massive and continuous boost Superman receives. :black_small_square: Blitzed Green Lantern. What are the product or solution found in home? Morals off he won’t hesitate to bring the fight to the sun like he has against Darkseid and “Doomsday”/Wonder Woman. Shazam star Asher Angel has spoken: Henry Cavill’s Superman could defeat Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam.Angel made his DCEU debut in 2019’s Shazam as young Billy Batson, a wayward foster kid searching for his birth mother. Magic alone doesn’t give Adam the win. Where is Martha Elliott Bill Elliott ex-wife today? So a lot of my things that came from this post came from this Reddit Post.|https://www.reddit.com/r/respectthreads/comments/3ajl2o/respect_cyborg_superman_postcrisis/]. I just see BA putting Superman out. One feat is Being able to take out Powergirl using a sonic clap or a power clap. So, we are surely going to see this happen sooner or later. Finally, we have a release date for Dwayne Johnson starring Black Adam movie. A graduate of Western Carolina University, he spends his time reading comic books and genre fiction, directing short films, writing screenplays, and getting increasingly frustrated at the state of film discourse in 2020. He cannot be stopped, & even if you do stop him he could just rebuild himself right back and make himself stronger than before. He loses most of his fight because he holds back, and if he gets rid of that factor, there is no taking him down. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Follow 9671. The difference between the two actors in terms of stature isn't huge, but it's a noticeable edge for Adam. Magic or not, Adam can’t overcome the massive and continuous boost Superman receives. Henry Cavill's Superman has also been blessed with renewed life recently, between the highly anticipated announcement of Zack Snyder's Justice League as well as official reports that his version of Superman will return in appearances sprinkled throughout other DCEU films. Once that happens it’s over. He is extremely powerful. Takes place in empty NYC. Round 2: New 52 versions. Black Adam’s strength is equal to, or even more than Superman and when the battle begins, he is going to have the upper hand initially since he is highly intelligent and more strategic in combat and along with that, his magic may give him an edge over Superman. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! :black_small_square: Has also one shotted Doomsday, which can also go for a speed feat as well, but it was his strength that allowed him to put a hole In Doomsday. Superman will also abuse his superior speed in combat, as opposed to just tanking hits. Who wins in the end You do not have permission to vote on this poll. This colossal battle could be on our way in the DCEU as Henry Cavill has renewed his contract and Dwayne Johnson is yet to appear as Black Adam. He landed in America and was raised on a farm in Kansas by the name of Clark Kent, the son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. :black_small_square: Adam has plenty feats of strength that'll show you how strong this dude is. :black_small_square: Ofcourse Adam has a ton of Powers as I mentioned above, But one power he is known for are his lightning. 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Adam is just as strong, maybe slightly inferior, but it is so close, it doesn't matter. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? 12 years ago. As Clark grew older, he came to realize what his powers meant for and what he could do for the people of earth with them. The Mighty Teth Adam here, & I wanted to make a post talking about, who would win, between Black Adam & Cyborg Superman. Adam’s ability to withstand extreme physical assault may allow him to last longer in this fight, but Superman’s strength, stamina and speed would be a lot for Adam to handle in the longer run. What instrument plays the main melody fom Nickelback? This fight, I find to be very interesting and incredibly close in my own opinion. Why Soul Isn’t Releasing On Disney+ Premier Access Like Mulan. For starters, let's examine the two actors playing the larger-than-life characters. But one power that I think is his most impressive feature is the ability to control ALL of technology, like all of it. :black_small_square: Power girl heat vision ain't doing shit to Adam, as he continues doing his shit & kicking ass. Having campaigned and pushed to play the character for over 8 years, The Rock will finally get his wish with the release of Black Adam in theaters on December 22, 2021. If the reviews talked you out of seeing Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters this weekend, you're probably left wondering, 'Who won?


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