From the famed house of Martin Guitars, these are undoubtedly one of the best acoustic guitar strings that money could buy. I am of the opinion you can always learn something new if you are open to it.   13NA7exoZVPGBAxnKXcQAz35JQ5PvnhYDE. “They deliver the sound that I demand.”. After all, they’ve been interacting with musicians for almost 200 years. "Grzeg (...) spending years in the Vistula River Delta picking Miss Takamine with a bottle-neck on his finger!)" Martin is definitely the company to prove it. Listen to the opinions of the great people here at AGF, and at UMGF, then experiment and find what floats your boat. I've never been a fan of Elixers and other coated strings on Martins. However, my new Breedlove has D'Addario EXP16 Phosphor Bronze Lights and I really like them. He also said that those strings lasted him for a very long time. D'Addario PB mediums worked great on mine. Either really good, or really bad i'd guess. Generally 80/20 bronze starts out with a bright attack and will mellow quickly while phosphor bronze maintains a warmer more consistent tone and with greater complexity. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! I suggest to buy those, but then again, it all depends on the guitar. They stayed on my guitar for about 5 minutes. Martin make some of the top acoustic guitars in the world, but they also make some of the best strings. We'll soon find out! Copy above address and paste into Bitcoin app... Hi, was wanting to find out what is the best strings to go with a martin sigma, as i am using Di'arrio gauge 11's just now, anyone using anything other kinds of strings, any replies would be appreciated. I know I don’t need to say it but just for the hell of it: make sure for Acoustic Guitar you are at least buying steel strings designed for acoustic guitar playing. Silk and Phosphor strings are similar to Silk and Steel, but have a brighter sound due to the phosphor bronze outer wrap. So far I've dabbled between DR SunBeams and Martin Marquis. While my rosewood-bodied Martin dreadnaught(HD-28V) liked Martin SP Medium, Adamas 1919 medium phosphor bronze and the new Martin Tony Rice monel strings, my mahogany 000-18 sounds best with Gibson Masterbuilt or Adamas 1818 PB. I'm thinking I might go back to using elexirs though, I'm not sure how they would sound on my gibson. Martin’s Silk and Steel strings use a round core that has a soft wrap and then a silver-plated copper outer wrap. I also like Elixers. While my rosewood-bodied Martin dreadnaught(HD-28V) liked Martin SP Medium, Adamas 1919 medium phosphor bronze and the new Martin Tony Rice monel strings, my mahogany 000-18 sounds best with Gibson Masterbuilt or Adamas 1818 PB. Strings are cheap. The bottom line is, nobody can tell you what string to use. I tend to prefer 80/20 strings on rosewood guitars. cheers, think i might go for the elixir's to see what they are like, been using d'arrios for a while, looking for a change as they only last me a two months then they loose there sound, thanks for the help, cheers. [ document.write('dona' + 'tion' + '@' + 'guita' + 'rzone' + '.' 92/8 Phosphor Bronze strings use a 92% copper/8% tin material for the string’s wire wrap. Martin and Company knows what guitar players need and demand. If you liked the strings/sound that came on your Martin guitar - replace them with the factory provided Martin strings. Why not give them a … All Martin strings are manufactured using the finest materials and most dependable processes to consistently produce a quality string. This is not recommended for shared computers. The guitar was lightly built and I played fingerstyle on it. I find 11's useless on a dreadnought guitar, not enough meat to get the top moving properly. It sounded SO good. While they are a favorite among professional musicians, they also prove a great choice for beginners. You'll get a ton of different answers since "best" is almost impossible to nail down. Martin and Company knows what guitar players need and demand. EAD are medium, and GBE are lights. Martin MSP4100 SP 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings (.012-.054 Light). From the tweakiest techniques to the biggest ideas, our experts work hard to constantly supply inSync with a steady stream of helpful, in-depth demos, reviews, how-tos, news, and interviews. As with so many things acoustic, Martin were the pioneers of the steel string, and this Custom Light set – so called because it is a little unconventional with a slightly skinnier sixth string than the Light packs – is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. My apologies if this has been asked / answered. I would suggest trying Everly's.I just got turned on to them,and love them,i use 10's on my acoustic,and they still have good bass,not "twangy". Been using Elixir phosphor bronze extra light on my 000. I got a new guitar strung with Gibson J200 strings, and the sound was so rich and full. You currently have javascript disabled. Some years ago I bought a Larrivee SD-50 that came set up with mediums. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Why not give them a try on your D-18. I think they have the best tone. These strings are easy on the fingers and offer a subtle, soft tone. I'd advise you, but my Martin dread has an adirondack top and reacts differently than your top does - you do have a sitka top, yes? I've got a set of martins on my yamaha at the moment, and they have a little more "definition". Those strings are way too light for most dreads, including a Martin HD-28. Martin strings are designed to give you excellent tone, clarity, and response. Herei s a bunch of 'educated BS' from someone that has too much time, but I do try to back it up-love to play my Martin! Also good DR Sunbeams. The bridge saddle is also usually too high. 80/20 Bronze strings use an 80% copper/20% zinc material for the string’s wire wrap. If you go 80/20 and you go with uncoated strings, you will be changing them very regularly! I have used light gauge. The new SP Lifespans last about twice as long, I use 13's on the dreads and 12's on OMs. EXPs seemed to muffle the sound, so my impression goes along with what others have said: coated strings may not be the best bet.


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