In quantum mechanics scientists have observed phenomenon that can only be explained as contradictory. LON, formally, can be… Problem with Quantum Mechanics. I know a little more about Quamtum Mechanics than I know about Philosophy. This entry outlines the role of the law of non-contradiction (LNC) as the foremost among the first (indemonstrable) principles of Aristotelian philosophy and its heirs, and depicts the relation between LNC and LEM (the law of excluded middle) in establishing the nature of contradictory and contrary opposition. From a philosophical perspective, quantum mechanics cannot be considered as physical reality, since Aristotle's law of non-contradiction does not allow contradictory facts for observable reality. Without the law of non-contradiction, nature is Alice-in-Wonderland, where I could think without existing. Using the science of quantum mechanics as a proof that reality on some level doesn’t conform to the principle of non-contradiction is a pseudo-science and is due to a lack of understanding more than evidence of something. Hello, when i first heard about quantum physics and the superposition of particles, i immediately questioned myself about the law of non contradiction ( either A or ~A can be true, but not both at the same time and under the same interpretation). Here is why Quantum Mechanics does not violate the law of non-contradiction This subject was briefly touched upon in podcast 115. There do seem to be some interesting ideas around on what Schrödinger’s Cat means. Erwin Schrödinger: (Schrödinger, The Present State of Quantum Mechanics, 1935) (The whole paper is worth reading by the way. The Law of Non-Contradiction is partly a contrived theory that assumes that Contradictions cannot ever spiritually exist as well as never physically existed naturally. In fact, Aristotle, who first developed the argument for the existence of God, thought the universe was eternal in the past. Quantum Mechanics Quantum News. Those of you who might not be familiar with formally stated basic principles of philosophy might not simply by accident of education be familiar with the Law of Non-contradiction (LON), but you (hopefully) use it on a daily basis. Philosophy is one of those things that you can't deny without using. Lawrence Krauss expressed this common (and, IMO misguided) notion that quantum mechanics allows us to throw away the law of non-contradiction because you can't say of an electron that it is "either in the circle or is not in the circle". Let’s ask someone who might know.


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