Most commercial used bakery equipment gets used pretty hard, and cleaning and maintenance schedules may not have been followed to the letter. But if you have the choice, we always urge people to go with gas. We value your suggestions and use it. That’s where a savvy shopper (or new owner) can step in and find some amazing deals on used equipment. The big dogs who are either opening their fifth location, or who have a $100,000 check burning a hole in their pockets. In general, we recommend searching for used bakery equipment that’s as light on these kinds of “extra” features as possible. While this is possible with used equipment, you’ll also have to contend with the years of abuse that the previous owner likely heaped on your bakery equipment. Gas can also be more fuel efficient, and less expensive to operate in the long run. Woodvale Cabezas, Trece Martires Cavite Propane and natural gas powered appliances tend to be a little simpler than electric, and simpler mechanics mean that there are fewer points of potential failure (and costly repairs). Free Forever. Our thinking here is this: If the piece of equipment you are considering was considered “top of the line” when it was new, it’s probably going to hold up better in the long run, and across potentially multiple owners, businesses, and applications. Here are some additional considerations: Pro: Commercial grade baking equipment is built to last. While newer equipment may have some truly drool worthy features, such as electronic displays, computer-controlled temperature regulation, and shiny, energy efficient construction and insulation, remember that every single one of these “features” has the risk of breaking down and crippling the entire unit at any point. Pro: Buying used means there’s probably room to negotiate. You know who gets to stroll into a new commercial bakery equipment showroom like they own the place, making demands for free delivery and haggling over every price they see? Eventually, every major appliance fails, which means a costly visit from the commercial equipment repairman, who will gouge you with high labor costs, as well as the cost for replacement parts. ... Price: $15,320.75; Call us for pricing at 1-800-555-0666. Planetary Cake Mixer (30 Quartz) The decision about whether or not to buy used baking equipment (as opposed to new) is going to boil down to a few different factors. Or maybe you’re an experienced bakery owner, the kind of grizzled veteran of the business who was born with bread flour behind the ears and sports the massive, sinewy, burn-pocked forearms of someone who’s spent a lifetime in the business. Remember bakery equipment is heavy duty and durable so it will last for many years. Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz. Many patrons will want the option to have it cut. This is particularly true for large appliances, such as refrigerators, ranges, ovens, or prep units. They are designed to meet the needs of the type of business they will be used in such as waterproof scales for ... we supplies all bakery equipment and home service repair all kinds of bakery equipment like cake mixer , spiral mixer ,bread slicer ,kitchen aid mixer ,dough roller ,dough kneader, and bakery oven for more inquiries please call or txt us.... Smart# 09207233964 Globe#09662513524 ... FOR SALE ALL BAKERY EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES AND WE ACCEPT HOME SERVICE REPAIR ALL KINDS ALL BAKERY EQUIPMENT AND KITCHEN AID MIXER SERVICE REPAIR 09156268109 ... Equipment package: “It doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as it gets the job done, right?” Well, you’re half right. No Diagnostic Fee & No Fix ... We are one of the largest free online selling communities with thousands of active sellers. Because restaurant equipment depreciates in value almost as quickly as a new car, prices tend to plummet as soon as the item leaves the showroom floor, which means there are plenty of great deals to be had just for asking. Why? Dimension: 340x310x250 mm. But remember that almost anything can be brought back to life, with the right combination of chemicals and hard work. We Repair All Brands & All Models with Warranty (Same Defect) Our products are of the highest quality backed by a 1 year warranty and free spa ... We are the main supplier in the Philippines for one of the best manufacturers of weighing scales. You can minimize this risk by doing your homework before you decide to buy, but in general, you might want to keep your repairman on speed-dial. It depends on what kind of equipment you need, what your bakery can accommodate, and your available budget. For the rest of us, there aren’t many opportunities to negotiate when you’re buying, say, a single new oven. Download Checklist PDF Dough Preparation When making bread or … No one wants to hear it, but it’s an unfortunate fact of the foodservice business: Most places simply don’t survive, and if they do, they may not last for more than a few years. Do you have something to sell? Gross Weight: 10 Kg. Slightly used (4months) Let us help you find the best Baking Equipment for all your baking needs; to produce spectacular baked goods!. Because of the strong, capable, well-built nature of commercial baking equipment, many of these pieces are designed to withstand heavy use, while performing admirably for decades. Here is a list of tips and suggestions to help you get the best bakery equipment for your needs! But there are still a few general guidelines to keep in mind, to help you get the best price on a piece of bakery equipment that can serve you and your new business for years to come. For Inquiry messages us @ [email protected] Here are few things to keep in mind: If possible, lean toward the big, name-brand manufacturers. Rectangular cake pan - 6pcs Between ovens, proofing boxes, and mixers, not to mention display cases, warmers, and shelving, operating a successful bakery means carrying tens (or even hundreds) or thousands of dollars in equipment on your back at any any one time, equipment that is expensive and prone to failure. Good people, good ingredients and good bakery equipment! Copyright 2017 MYBENTA. Sooner or later, the needs of your business or going to change, or the triple-deck oven you’ve built your business on the back of is going to go belly-up, sending you scurrying to find a replacement. Restaurant Equippers even has everything from … Maybe you’re trying to outfit a commercial bakery, entirely from scratch. Accept Homeservice (See info for details) Maybe after hearing for years that your sourdough boules beat what’s being offered by every other bakery in town, you’re ready to jump into this business with both feet, and earn a living bringing your breads, rolls, and pastries to the world. The “rules” for shopping for used bakery equipment vary somewhat, depending on the type of piece you’re interested in buying. Facebook Pages DYMJ Repair Services Con: Used bakery equipment will probably need to be repaired sooner. Bakeries need at least three sinks, one for washing ingredients, … Browse our active listings for commercial grade bakery equipment below. Not so, in the used bakery equipment marketplace. Plus, we've even included a downloadable checklist for essential smallwares to use in your bakery. SECOND HAND BAKERY EQUIPMENT. Unfortunately, when you buy a used piece of bakery equipment, you’re probably going to be scheduling that appointment sooner than you would on a new unit. PLEAS CALL US #02 252 2041OR # 09156268109 ... Metro Manila Other Business Opportunities. Unlike the stove you have in your house, commercial equipment is designed to be turned on at the beginning of the day, and stay cranking until closing. Brand: Techmate. Stainless Banca Pie plate 2pcs Bread slicer. I was able to afford a higher quality brand, with greater output capacity, for less than half the price of new equipment. Commercial Sinks. supplies equipmentFOR MORE INFO. Each listing contains information about the condition, price, location, and photos of bakery equipment. is the best resource for top-of-the-line baking equipment and supplies, and we have everything you need to replace your old, outdated units or design a cutting-edge, commercial baking kitchen from scratch. We can hear you saying it now. How do you find room in the budget to keep cranking out the high-quality baked goods your customers have grown to expect, while keeping your staff safe, happy, and working efficiently?


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