Aaron can be very inconsistent with Jane simultaneously overpowering her and depowering her based on the situation. Oh wait that's exactly what happened. @divell: Thor had the Odin Force when he fought Iron Man, not that it matters because he would still beat him without it but the fight was far from fair. I knew where I wanted to get to and to act naturally and fit into a really big story slot that I needed and from there it just sort of built itself and it’s pretty perfect. I argue Thor shouldn't be struggling With Apocalypse at all. Lol Your points have been addressed! All of this suggests that the battle between these ancient beings might have been motivated by more than just their hatred for each other. Who will win in a fight between Apocalypse (FOX) and Thor (Pre-Ragnarok) (MCU)? AkhilPDX 1 y 6 mo 26 d . Thors vs. Apocalypse Thor sought his father's help, but Odin refused on the grounds that the All-Father was involved in a pact with the Celestials to never interfere in their works. Avengers Assemble not Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He's not as strong as people make him out to be, he doesn't have the feats to be a challenge to someone like Thor. Thor brazenly attacks Apocalypse and is injured in the attempt. Either way, Thor couldn't beat him and he fainted whereas Nul was completely fine after Thor gave him his best shot there and proceeded to stomp throughout Dracula's lands effortlessly. Also, the comic does mention Uncanny Avengers 6, the issue where Apoc smacked young Thor which was the reason for Jarnbjorn's anti-Celestial enhancement as the result, so yeah, it was clearly AFTER the first encounter. It was also nice to take what Jason is setting up in THOR, and reflect on it in the modern Marvel Universe and see it have an effect on things in a huge huge way. It was Eddie March, who had a near fatal blood clot that caused him to get taken out by Thor easily. he has enough it is made clear thor can't beat Apocalypse without plot working in his favor. Anonymous. We're debating THOR VS APOCALYPSE in a fight, which we have solid panels to work with... why are all these other characters being brought up? The battle does not start out well for the young Thor. Yes I know, I am debating Thor vs Apocalypse and I'm looking at there consistent showings to determine who would win. With Thor devoid of any restraints, he quickly hit Apocalypse with a barrage of Jarnbjorn attacks that brought down the mutant with a series of deep cuts and stabs. ;). Thor has had numerous fights Savage Hulk, had a fight with Professor Hulk, he's had fights with the Thing, he's KO'd Abomination with a sucker punch, he's fought Wonder man, he's fought Ulik, he's fought Hercules and he's beat people like Bi Beast, Blastaar, Skurge etc These are all consistent high tiers that Thor has contended with and beat, if you feel Apocalypse has better consistent feats than this, then I guess that's your opinion. Also worth of note that young Thor did not have Mjolnir yet. Notably, Thor doesn't seem to regard the Phoenix Force with respect or reverence. Ikaris isn't a chump by any means, but he's not exactly a powerhouse either, he got stomped by Cosmic Hulk (which people like The Thing were capable of beating) he did manage to hurt Hercules in that fight but was bleeding from a few punches from him, got manhandled by Black Bolt, struggled with Rulk and was hurt badly by Namor. It's like looking at Spider-man fighting someone like Iron man and saying that most of there encounters haven't been that one sided and yet if we look at there consistent showings it shows that there on different tiers. I'm content where we stand here! … Red Hulk was weakened and i've already shown you several times why he was weakened yet you keep bringing someone that even while amped was still leagues below regular Savage Hulk and regular Thor. It's a joke. Even in events that have Apoc as the main villain, he doesn't do much. The only reason Thor didn't die against Nul was because he BFR'd him, if Nul was there after taking his attack he would just splatter his head in and call it a wrap because Thor was out of service after simply BFRing Nul. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. So I threw out most of my outline for the sequel to the Dark Angel Saga. You can't call a win on that because BFR hardly applies for it and hardly proves a character is flat out superior to another, much less when Thor rarely BFR's to begin with. Likewise, by Thor's own admission the power he gained back in The Mighty Thor #60 was solely earned by heritage and he didn't do anything Odin did to gain the power and that's also the reason he doesn't have permanent use of the OdinForce barring the Ragnarok incident back in Avengers Disassemble and the supposed Thor Force with Old King Thor, which is also missing an eye because he made the exact same ritual Odin did to gain the OdinForce, or in this case, since Odin is pretty much dead at that time, the ThorForce, meaning the power was never in his persona and is completely independent of Thor's character development. Apocalypse vs Thor. Then stop going off topic! The immortal mutant played a huge role in Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force run even though he didn’t appear in his most iconic form.


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