Rugby league grounds only vary in the in-goal length, the try line-try line length is the same. What is the minimum allowable ground size for a top flight fixture? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Apparently my high school oval was slightly bigger than the MCG (I think it was supposedly a few metres wider). I wish I had the know how (and the inclination) to compare it with these figures to see if that was right. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. 65.7k members in the AFL community. May 3, 2013 by Cobba 7 Comments. AFL ground figures from here. A size 4 football is the official ball size of the AFLW and the same size ball used by female football players 14 years and up. If anyone wants the spread sheet I can put it on google docs. It's always been astounding to me that the fields for professional sports can vary in size. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. “I hope someone’s done a list and overlay of the various grounds”, I thought to myself. AFL Ground Sizes. The only major sports in America where the fields vary from one venue to the next are baseball and soccer, and again that's just silly to me. I've always considered it particularly small but apparently it isn't too much smaller than AFL grounds. Create a free website or blog at This is one such game that has a huge number of crazy fans all around the world as it is one of the most engaging games. I'd love a copy of this spreadsheet to compare some of the grounds around our league. 120 yards long by ~53.5 yards wide. Check the size guide below and choose the Sherrin that's right for you. In the state of Texas, the field dimensions are supposed to be the same as collegiate DI fields. Football, which has another name called ‘Soccer’ is one of the oldest and the most popular team sports the world has ever produced. High school fields are where you get probably the most variation. The real reason is the original cricket fields on which football is played vary. I have not always been a teacher. And so, here I am. Fields are usually narrower if at all different, while the hash marks in the center are spaced further apart. They could be standardised at the smallest one, but then at big grounds the boundary would be further from the spectators. I spent quite a few years working on explosives, rocket motors, jet aircraft, and then computer systems for Banks and Telcos. Croke Park is very similar to the maximum Gaelic size. About Passy Hi, my name is "Passy" and I am a teacher of ICT and Mathematics. ( Log Out /  I've updated this based on some suggestions in this thread, hopefully I've got it right this time. All NFL fields will have the same dimensions. Australian rules football grounds, even at the highest level of the game, have no fixed dimensions.


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